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Weekdays 10am to 7pm
🌏 Request on Website 24/7
6100-5422 9272-5433
📧 Team@StartTuition.sg

Pri 1 to Pri 6, English Maths Science

Elite One
1.5 hrs    Upper Bukit Timah

104A Jalan Jurong Kechil, #02-00 Singapore 598603

Special Offer
- Bundle deal for 2 subjects or more - Free membership - 5-10% discount for each subject registered

Our class group is only focusing at small group of students which is not more than 5 students. So that, every student can be taken care of during lesson.

Our class schedule is flexible and we will try to fit your child to the most ideal classes to maximize his learning efficiency.

Which level and subject are you looking for? Fill in the form below to discuss your preferred timings

Lesson Costs:
$49 per lesson per subject

Material Costs:
Materials are inclusive

Trial Lessons:

Students are to pay 1 month's fee at the beginning of every month.

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Leave your particulars and any questions and we will follow-up with you.


Other Comments

This class is provided by an external Education Provider. It is at their discretion to accept bookings.
By providing your details, you consent to be contacted by us and the Provider on your request.
In the event of any discrepancies between the information herein & the Provider's offering, the Provider's version will prevail.

Other Information:
One-time registration fee (per student): $20
One-time deposit (per subject): $50, refundable (subject to T&Cs)
Membership fee: $10/year (Non-refundable)

About the Education Provider:
We are a team of professional and qualified teachers. We are equipped with deep knowledge and highly passionate about teaching. Our mission is to guide all children to a more promising future. We take our responsibilities very seriously as your child's future is ours too. Our top priority is to ensure our elites' learning journey as simple and beneficial as possible. We strive to provide quality teaching and effective concepts to allow our elites to achieve an A in their examinations.