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Primary Science Writing Strategy

Total 2 sessions, from 22 Nov to 31 Dec. Exact dates to be arranged    
2 hours per session.     
Online Zoom
Primary Science

Suitable for:
Primary 5 to 6 students and Parents

Max class size:
10 participants

Workshop Details:
Students are taught the answering techniques for Science open ended questions

The CCC writing strategy (Clarity, Concept keywords and Connection) will be explained, with student samples. Students are given examples to practice on the spot, with discussions around common mistakes.

Trainer Description:
This workshop is conducted by Mr Victor, who is an Ex MOE Primary school teacher and specialises in Science.
- 20 years school teaching experience in MOE Primary schools
- Consistent positive feedback from past parents: "My son is very happy with the teacher - the way he explains, very detailed, asks a lot of questions. It is a perfect match!", "I can see improvement for my son. He is punctual and responsive", "like his style of guiding".

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Other Comments

This workshop is provided by an external Education Provider. It is at their discretion to accept bookings.
By providing your details, you consent to be contacted by us and the Provider on your request.
In the event of any discrepancies between the information herein & the Provider's offering, the Provider's version will prevail.

Lesson Costs:
$180 per workshop

Material Costs:
Free. All materials provided before workshop starts.

Participants are to pay the workshop fees to Start Tuition to reserve your place.