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How To Have A More Productive Tuition Session

Tuition has become an integral part of students’ everyday life as almost every student in Singapore is having at least 1 tuition session each week. It is true that tuition can actually help students to improve their results, but the tuition sessions must be conducted in a more efficient way in order to yield performance. Remember, tutors can only help you to a certain extent, no matter how good they are. Ultimately, students themselves play a big role in their academics. So how can students make better use of the tuition sessions in order to better their results? Here are some tips to have a more productive tuition session.



#1 – Prepare your doubts before the session

If you have doubts or any queries about the topics taught in school, you should note them down and organise them in such a way that you can ask your tutor and clear these doubts during the session. Do not be afraid to ask, as your tutor is supposed to help you. For example, there may be some questions in your school work that you do not understand and you are unable to have a chance to consult your school teacher. You can consolidate these questions and consult your tutor instead, as he/she may be able to offer you a different perspective to look at the questions, thus enhancing your grasp of the topic(s) involved.



#2 – Let your tutor identify your weakness and focus on it during tuition

Some students actually are unable to pin point their weakness. They may feel that they are generally weak in some areas, but without looking closer at the problem and identifying them, these weaknesses may not be corrected properly. Tutors are able to identify and pin point students’ weaknesses and work out a regime to correct them.



#3 – Actively engage your tutor during lessons

If students keep to themselves and do not actively tell their tutors the areas that they have understood and other areas that they are still unsure of, tutors cannot help much to pin point the students’ weaknesses and improve these areas. Do note that tutors are not psychics, so they cannot read students’ minds. Be more vocal and let your tutor know whether you have understood his/her explanation. In this way he/she can devise a better way for you to understand the topic(s) concerned, making the lesson more productive.



So, with these tips in mind, you can look forward to a more productive tuition session to tackle your weaknesses with more confidence! In fact, this is also beneficial in the long run as you can get more confident in communication and work can be done more efficiently!

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