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🌏 Request on Website 24/7
6100-5422 9272-5433
📧 Team@StartTuition.sg

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I request for a tutor?

    There are no extra charges when you get a tutor through us. There are 2 ways to do so:

    1. Website: You can fill up our online Tutor Request Form here.
    2. Phone: You can call/SMS/WhatsApp us your requirements at 6100 5422 and 9272 5433.

  2. How do we search for a tutor for you?

    Based on your requirements, we will interview tutors meeting your requirements and are keen on the assignment, to assess their suitability.

    We will recommend the most suitable tutor to you. There is no obligation to accept the tutor, if you are not satisfied.

    After you have confirmed the tutor, a date for the first lesson will be set, for you to meet your tutor!

  3. How much would a tutor cost?

    It depends on the type of tutors you choose. Tutor qualifications & experience affect the cost greatly.

    However, we are committed to matching a tutor based on your requirements and budget.

    Based on the rates of the assignments closed in the past 2 months, here are the estimates of the hourly charges:

    Full-Time Students
    Private Tutors
    MOE School Teachers
    Preschool $20 to $25 $25 to $35 $35 to $50
    Pri 1 to Pri 3 $20 to $25 $30 to $40 $45 to $60
    Pri 4 to Pri 6 $25 to $30 $35 to $50 $50 to $80
    Sec 1 to Sec 2 $30 to $40 $45 to $60 $65 to $90
    Sec 3 to Sec 5 $35 to $45 $50 to $65 $75 to $90
    JC, Diploma, Degree $45 to $55 $60 to $85 $100 to $150
    Adult, Professional $45 to $60 $60 to $90 to discuss

    (1) Full-Time Students: Those still schooling, pursing diploma or degree studies.

    (2) Private Tutors: Non-Students. Either Full-Time tutors, or working a full-time job & giving Part-Time tuition. Diploma or Degree holders.

    (3) MOE School Teachers: Trained MOE school teachers, currently still teaching in school, or recently resigned (ex-MOE).


  4. Do I need to do anything after I have confirmed a tutor?

    You would have received the confirmation SMS/email with the tutor's contact information. If you want to reschedule the first lesson, or share more information about the student, feel free to contact the tutor directly. Otherwise, no action is needed from you.

  5. What should I take note of, for the first lesson?

    On the actual day before the class starts:

    • View tutor's photo ID to verify identity
    • View tutor's academic credentials for confirmation
    • Ensure at least 1 adult is around during tuition
    • If possible, arrange for the tuition to be conducted at an open area, especially if the tutor is of the opposite gender

    After the class ends:

    • Discuss with the tutor to understand his/her methods
    • Ask your child about the lesson to determine if the tutor is suitable to continue


  6. Can I change the tutor after we have started the tuition?

    Yes. In the event where you find that the tutor is not a good fit, do contact us for a replacement. There is no penalty. We will match another tutor to your child.

    For e.g. if the tutor charges $30 per hour and has already completed 4 hours of lessons prior to your request, you will have to pay $120.

    You will pay Start Tuition for the lessons that has been conducted. Start Tuition will settle the payment with the tutor, as you will not be meeting him/her anymore.

  7. Can I change the tutor after I have confirmed the tutor?

    Yes. There is no penalty imposed. There is also no minimum period to complete before requesting for the tutor change.

  8. When and how do I pay the tuition fees?

    Payment is due at the end of 4 weeks. You will pay Start Tuition 50% of the first month's tuition fee, and the remaining 50% to the tutor. Thereafter, you will pay the tutor in full.

    For cases where the assignment is terminated before 4 weeks, you will pay Start Tuition the full amount of the incurred cost. We will handle the payment to the tutor.

    Payment may be made via bank account to DBS Current account 023-904676-2 or PayNow to Company UEN 201432930N.

If you have other questions, contact us at Team@StartTuition.sg.

Primary, Secondary, JC, Diploma, Degree classes are available.

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