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Looking for experienced 1-to-1 tuition teachers?

Private 1-to-1 tuition is effective for:

  • students who cannot focus in a big group,
  • students who are too shy to ask questions in a class,
  • students who need the full attention of their tutors,
  • students with specific weak areas to improve upon

Should I get a tutor for my child?

There are pros and cons to sending a child for private tuition. In most cases, if your child is not benefitting from self-learning or group classes, 1-to-1 classes have clear benefits once you manage to get a tutor with a compatible teaching style, experience and temperament.

See this article "Should I get a Private Tutor for my child?" if you can't decide

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Parents' Testimonials

1-to-1 home tuition: Rated 4.42 by 1000 parents.
My boy, Haiqal like Mdm Nooraini. He like how she teach him n anticipate every Saturday to see her n learn together with her.
Tuition for Pri 4, Science
Reviewed on 18-Feb-19
yes everything is going fine so far well with my daughter & Mdm Nalayani.
Mr Abbas
Tuition for Pri 6, Tamil
Reviewed on 18-Feb-19
Felicia so far so good. My son do enjoy the lesson.
Then Lai Kuan
Tuition for Pri 4, English & Maths
Reviewed on 18-Feb-19
my girl is comfortable with mr norizzam and agent jasmine, she is helpful tks
Connie Yeo
Tuition for Sec 3, A-Maths
Reviewed on 18-Feb-19
Michelle is very good. She has patience and she will explain the concepts to my son and he understands it well. I would recommend her for any other parents
Tuition for Pri 2, English Maths
Reviewed on 15-Feb-19
So far so good. My boy a bit reluctant for the first session but Jane was very patient.
Tuition for Pri 1, Chinese
Reviewed on 13-Feb-19
everything seems ok, my son do understand Jun Hao tutor teaching.
Tuition for Sec 3, E-Math
Reviewed on 13-Feb-19
The lessons are going well.
Dr Nina
Tuition for Sec 4, Pure Chemistry & Physics
Reviewed on 13-Feb-19
1) Tutor Neessha is very pleasant and patient. So far so good. 2) Agent Vanessa was helpful and meticulous.
Suja CK
Tuition for Pri 5 (2019), Maths
Reviewed on 8-Feb-19
Good recommendation
Tuition for Sec 2NA, Chinese
Reviewed on 8-Feb-19


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