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Looking for tuition teachers experienced in preparing for Primary 1?

We offer home tutors who:

  • understand Primary 1 syllabus well,
  • have been tutoring K1, K2, Pri 1, Pri 2 students for the past few years,
  • able to conduct engaging and interactive lessons,

Some of these tutors also have phonics teaching experience to help the children improve in reading. These sessions will help your K2 child in preparing for Primary 1. Tuition supplements the Kindergarten classes and strengthens your child's foundations, to make it easier for them to catch up with Primary 1 syllabus.

Preparing for Primary 1 is quite common as some parents worry if their child has learnt enough in Kindergarten. These Primary 1 preparatory classes can help them transition more comfortably into Primary school. These should help your child feel less overwhelmed by the sudden big changes.

You can start these lessons anytime during K2.

Start Tuition sources from more than 14000 teachers, ex-teachers, full-time tutors, undergraduate tutors to find someone who suits your requirements and budget. No obligations.

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Parents' Testimonials

Preparing for Pri 1 tuition: Rated 4.44 by 140 parents.
Hi.. both teacher Rosie and agent Vanessa are keen in their profession. Im so satisfied with their help. Willing to go beyond the miles in order to succeed my child progress. Thank you once again. I will continue with your tutor service.
Tuition for K2, Phonics & English
Reviewed on 29-Jul-19
So far, good. My son looks forward to his lessons.
Tuition for Pri 1, English, Phonics
Reviewed on 19-Jul-19
Teaching is so far so good my Son enjoy her teaching .. hopefully she can help to improve my son’s Chinese skills
Vito kyaw
Tuition for Pri 1, Chinese
Reviewed on 16-Jul-19
Tutor is fine n my boys go well with her too.
Tuition for Pri 1 & Pri 3, Mandarin
Reviewed on 17-Jun-19
Roslind is a nice and caring teacher . She teaches to the child’s needs . We are very happy with her .
Tuition for K2, English & Maths
Reviewed on 16-May-19
Very good results
Tuition for Pri 1, Chinese
Reviewed on 6-May-19
She is very responsible .... trying her best to help my niece..!
Tuition for K2 prepare for Pri 1, English Maths Chinese
Reviewed on 30-Apr-19
So far ok. Have to monitor to see. Good thing is sometimes she gives feedback after lesson on what the student do not know
Mr Caleb
Tuition for Pri 1, Maths
Reviewed on 2-Apr-19
I am pleased with her teaching...My kids are happy too
Mr Nathan
Tuition for Pri 1, Pri 4, Tamil
Reviewed on 25-Mar-19
Tuition with Jia Ning is very helpful to my daughter. She is enjoying. She is helping her with conversation also. I am confident my Daughter will be happy with Chinese for K2. Ms. Jasmine is also very helpful. With timely follow ups.
Ms Thushara
Tuition for K2 (Beginner), Mandarin
Reviewed on 19-Mar-19


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