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Should I get a Private Tutor for my child?

70% of parents have enrolled their children in extra classes, according to a survey conducted by The Straits Times and research firm Nexus Link in 2015. Should you do it too?


In our highly competitive Singapore, many parents try their best to help their children get a good head-start in life. One of the most common things, is to enroll children in private tuition classes. The pros and cons of sending students for private tuition continue to be debated. If you're considering whether or not to get a home tutor for your child, here are some things you should consider before you proceed with it:


The help/support your child is getting now for school work

When your child has questions about school work, is there someone that he/she can turn to? If school teachers are able to help, they can directly clear your child's doubts. Or, perhaps parents, older siblings, cousins, family friends are available to lend a hand, if they are familiar with what's being taught in school and are good enough in the subject to help.

However, if there isn't anyone reliable who can support your child's learning, and he is mostly coping on his own with limited progress, you can consider enrolling your child in private tuition. In this way, you can get an experienced tutor well-versed in the syllabus to give your child 1-to-1 tuition. This dedicated attention is useful as he/she can directly get their questions answered and misconceptions cleared up early during the home tuition classes, before the school year progresses.


Your child's current workload and time commitments

Is your child already stretched at the seams with a hectic week? Having tuition classes can be a stressful matter for some children, if they already have a full week of activities and classes. While ensuring sufficient help is given to the child in terms of school work, you need to be mindful about the amount of rest and play time that your child has.

If your child has a manageable schedule, having regular lessons with a home tutor (either once a week, or twice a week) can be useful in helping them revise what's covered in school, guide their day-to-day homework, practice what they've learnt, and even teach ahead to help them better grasp the examples that are being taught in school


His attitude towards tuition

Is your child extremely adverse to having tuition? While experienced tutors can make lessons more enjoying by incorporating interesting teaching aids or materials to engage the child, if the child is not receptive to learning, the tuition lessons will not be effective.

As such, sound your child out before deciding. It's important that you hear them out before deciding. By understanding their concerns and setting the right expectations, it's more likely that your child can reap the benefits of private tuition.

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