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5 things to note before hiring a private tutor

So you’ve decided that you will hire a private tutor for your child. What do you need to consider or decide, when hiring a tutor? Here’s our quick 5-step guide:   1) What’s your budget? Consider a budget that’s acceptable to yourself. This amount affects the kind of tutor you can engage, and the amount […]

Should I get a Private Tutor for my child?

70% of parents have enrolled their children in extra classes, according to a survey conducted by The Straits Times and research firm Nexus Link in 2015. Should you do it too?   In our highly competitive Singapore, many parents try their best to help their children get a good head-start in life. One of the […]

Infused Water with Cucumber, Lemon & Mint

SUMMER RECIPE Infused Water with Cucumber, Lemon & Mint For 2 litres of water Half a lemon 10-12 slices of cucumber (skin on) 10-12 mint leaves (can add more if preferred a more minty taste) Directions 1) squeeze the juice of the half-lemon into the water. 2) slice the half-lemon thinly (roughly 6-8 slices will […]

Greek Yogurt with Assorted Berries

SUMMER RECIPE Greek Yogurt with Assorted Berries For 1 serving 250g of Greek Yogurt 150g of mixed berries (preferably blueberries, raspberries & blackberries) 1-2 tbsp of Manuka/organic honey (according to preferred level of sweetness)   Directions 1) mix the honey with yogurt well 2) roughly chop the berries into chunky 3) put the berries (with the […]

Grilled Salmon Steak Recipe

Brain food Recipe Grilled Salmon with Sauteed Greens For 1 Serving 120g salmon steak/fillet 20g sliced mushroom (any type of fresh mushroom will do) 80g French beans (cut into short pieces) Olive oil, light soy sauce, salt & pepper for condiments Directions 1) Lightly coat the grill with olive oil and heat to medium high. […]

Salmon Sandwich Recipe

Brain food Recipe Smoked Salmon & Avocado Sandwich For 1 Serving 2 slices of whole meal bread 60g smoked salmon ¼ an avocado ½ a tomato, sliced 2-3 leaves from Romaine Lettuce Directions 1) Toast bread (optional) 2) Spread avocado onto toast 3) Place smoked salmon, Romaine lettuce and sliced tomato onto toast 4) Serve […]

Brain Food for Students: Helping Them to Stay Sharp In School and Studies

Brain Is Just Like A Muscle To us, studying for a subject is just like any other forms of skills training such as sports training, learning musical instruments, etc. All these skills require regular practices and training so that the body gets adapted to the increasing intensity and builds up stamina for longer duration of […]

Interview with a Full-Time tutor – Thoughts and Advice to improve results

What are some of the biggest problems/challenges that students in Singapore face today? The curriculum is very packed. As there are quite a number of disruptions to the normal curriculum time due to a number of reasons, many teachers need to either rush the syllabus or they have to arrange extra classes to make up […]

Interview with an MOE school teacher – Thoughts & Insights to Tuition and our Education System

We interviewed a current MOE school teacher with about 3 years school teaching experience at a local Primary school.   What are some of the biggest problems/challenges that students in Singapore face today? Students today are faced with a myriad of choices when it comes to learning resources, e.g. books, apps, internet, manipulatives, etc. They […]

Are Students Today Learning More or Less?

Learning is essential to our survival and development and thus we always seek to improve and educate ourselves better. With the advent of technology and our globalised world amongst other factors, one would think that students today learn more than their predecessors but one should also take into account that learning is not entirely about […]