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Tips to Ensure A Fruitful and Effective Tuition for Your Child

Many parents have actually lamented about having engaged tutors who are not suitable for their children, or they may have issues with tutors not focusing their attention on the students’ work during tuition. At Start Tuition Agency, we strive to match the most suitable tutor for parents’ requirements in order to minimise these problems. However, […]

Get Your Child Ready for the Next School Year!

The academic year is ending soon and this is a good time to plan ahead for the coming January. Instead of letting your child spend the school holidays playing and be less productive, why not get him/her started on preparations for next year, especially if major exams are imminent? We have come up with a short […]

Tips to Do Well For English – Working on Foundations

English is one of the most, if not the most, widely used language in the world today. Its use spans across multiple areas like scientific and mathematical research and diplomacy. The importance of English is thus evident. More so in Singapore as English is used primarily as the medium language for teaching in schools for […]

What parents can do to support their child during the exam period?

Today, tuition is no longer targeted at the students only – parents are having tuition as well. Have you heard from the recent news released by Straits Times? Tuition for parents is currently a rising trend in the tuition industry. Parents are now attending crash courses to get themselves familiar with the school syllabus. Through these […]

Tips For Oral Exams

Do you know the importance of Oral exams? An oral exam could be done in less than half an hour, but it contributes to a significant weightage of the overall score for your language subjects. Your final grade depends on how well you fare for your Oral, apart from the written papers and listening comprehension. […]

Coping With Stress

  Are your parents placing high expectations on you, which makes you feel stressful because you don’t want to let them down? To be honest, Singapore’s education system is highly competitive. To ensure that their child succeed in life, parents tend to set high expectations. Without a doubt, stress can be good — in motivating you […]

Which Learner Am I?

Do you know which type of learner are you? Are you a visual learner, an auditory learner, a read/write learner or a kinaesthetic learner? Read to find out more about the 4 types of learning styles, along with tips and strategies that explains the most effective study techniques for each learning style. The first type of learning […]

Choosing The Right Tutor

Unlike tuition centre, tuition agency provides you the benefit of finding a suitable tutor for your child. If you were to take home tuition, you would have the final say in the choice of tutor. However, other issues arise: how to choose the right tutor? There are quite a few factors to consider – familiarity […]

Strategies to motivate your child to study

Is your child easily distracted by computer games, television shows, dramas, or social media? I believe that you have tried several ways and means to motivate your child to study. But the methods you have tried previously does not work well on your child. Consider the 5 motivation strategies, to support and encourage your child […]

Chrysanthemum Tea with Wolfberry & Red Dates

Chrysanthemum Tea with Wolfberry & Red Dates for 2 litres of water 25g-30g of dried chrysanthemum (rinsed) 1 handful of dried wolfberries (rinsed) 10-12 red dates rock sugar (optional as red dates are already sweet) Directions 1) put the dried chrysanthemum, red dates, and water into a pot and boil then reduce the heat to […]