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Recent reviews from Parents

Mr Allan is great :) he soon realized my son's problem and teaches him correctly.
Tuition for Grade 7 (12 years old), English
Reviewed on 29-Sep-22
Serene lee is a very patience tuition teacher although it's just 2 lesson but my son understand what she is teaching by doing so I hope that my son will improve his home work and test . Thank you Miss serene lee for the help and hard work appreciate.
Berlicial Goh
Tuition for Pri 4, English & Maths
Reviewed on 29-Sep-22
She is good we are happy having her. Thanks
Tuition for 3 year old / N1, Chinese
Reviewed on 27-Sep-22
The teacher is patient and explains clearly.
Tuition for Sec 2, Maths
Reviewed on 27-Sep-22
mr ong is quite nice n quite patient
Tuition for Sec 4NA, Combined Chemistry, Physics & Math
Reviewed on 27-Sep-22
Mrs Loh is patient and firm. Good for my girl
Tuition for Pri 3, Maths
Reviewed on 26-Sep-22
The chinese tutor u recommended is good. My girl got A1 for chinese. Last time Usually b4 or c5. I think only tutor her for 2 months,
Tuition for Sec 4 O Level, Chinese
Reviewed on 23-Sep-22
Miss Maryam is excellent!!! My son absolutely loves her. She was extremely patient, knowledgeable, kind, gentle and encouraging. She's very skilled with kiddos and even with my son who is hyperactive and fidgety. I also appreciated how up-to-date she is with her knowledge and teaching methods; and child psychology. We feel very lucky to have gotten such a great tutor! We will miss Teacher Maryam for sure!
Mdm Juno
Tuition for Kindergarten, English & Maths
Reviewed on 23-Sep-22
So far so good! She's good
Tuition for Pri 5, Maths
Reviewed on 15-Sep-22
She is very good and attentive.
Tuition for Pri 3, Higher Chinese
Reviewed on 15-Sep-22
She seems to be very engaging with the student. So far so good for now
Tuition for Sec 1NT, English Maths Science
Reviewed on 15-Sep-22
Tutor Sze yuan is still coaching my son (since August 2020).He is patient guy, good & responsible.
Mdm Low
Tuition for Sec 2NA, English
Reviewed on 30-Aug-22
Very good teaching my kid. Failing last 2, then now pass.
Mr Leong
Tuition for Sec 3E, A-Maths
Reviewed on 26-Aug-22
Teacher was reali gd.. thank you so much
Tuition for K2/Pri 1, Maths
Reviewed on 24-Aug-22
Mr Senan has been very patient with my kids and constantly update me on their performance...My kids are able to read abit of Malay words and im thankful for it...slowly but surely????
Tuition for Pri 3 & Sec 1 (group of 2), Basic Malay
Reviewed on 19-Aug-22
Andy is good, i learn alot from him on my first lesson
Meki Siah
Tuition for SUSS Degree, ICT133 - Structured Programming (Python)
Reviewed on 19-Aug-22
She is a great teacher and always come on time for lessons
Jasmine Tan Boon Hui
Tuition for Pri 5, English & Maths
Reviewed on 16-Aug-22
Ms Nooraini is a great tutor, she is very pleasant and friendly and her teaching style is easy for my son to understand. Thank you for the recommendation.
Nur Hidayah Hosni
Tuition for Pri 5, Maths
Reviewed on 16-Aug-22
Hi, really thank you for finding my kid a good tuition teacher, Wynnes. My kid is gradually improving on her English and maths, hope the next weighted tests, she can get good marks.
Tuition for Pri 3, English & Maths
Reviewed on 16-Aug-22
She is good and patient.
Mrs Chang
Tuition for K2, Maths
Reviewed on 15-Aug-22
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