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Recent reviews from Parents

John Thomas was a United good. My son loved him. Thanks for recommending him to us.
Tuition for Pri 4, English, Maths, Science
Reviewed on 7-Nov-19
My son says he likes Mr Peter cos he is very experienced and he enjoyed the lesson. I can see he is very patient and takes trouble to understand the child’s needs. Given the way he was teaching I have no doubt he has experience and qualifications
Simone Ann Lim-Foster
Tuition for Year 8 (Sec 1/2), KS3 Maths
Reviewed on 6-Nov-19
HI Jasmine, we like Rachel! Me and my daughter love her a lot
Tuition for Pri 3, Science
Reviewed on 1-Nov-19
We appreciated Ms Poh from your agency guiding my daughter but has to stop as she is doing her PHD.
Mr Allan Wong
Tuition for Sec 2, Science
Reviewed on 31-Oct-19
Miss Joey very humble and nice tutor she teaches very nicely my daughter start liking her I'm so happy to hear and she says she understand very clear and nicely. she enjoys every single lesson
Mrs Saleem
Tuition for Sec 4, O Level E-Math, N Level A-Math
Reviewed on 30-Oct-19
We are happy with his services as a tutor. We value his feedback on the assignment marked as important part of preparation of coming up exam. Thanks again for getting him to help us.
Tuition for JC2, GP
Reviewed on 29-Oct-19
My niece really like ms roshni. She is clear and shows genuine desire to see her student succeed
Tuition for JC 2, H2 Biology
Reviewed on 25-Oct-19
Ms susan lim is good..she know how to manage n teach my son as he has short focus
Tuition for Pri 5, Maths
Reviewed on 22-Oct-19
Tutor Jamaliah She is all right. Punctual and knowledgeable. She is clear in her teaching. Vanessa Vanessa is most helpful and reliable in trying to meet the requests of clients. She is prompt and process request quickly by looking for tutors without delay.
Tuition for JC 2, H2 Chemistry
Reviewed on 21-Oct-19
We are satisfied with Teacher Jean's teaching, she know how to teach foreign student who is new in Singapore to pick up English and adapt fast to full English learning environment in Singapore. Thank you to agent Jasmine's arrangement, she is prompt in replying and able to arrange the tuition teacher according to our needs.
Mdm Ma
Tuition for Grade 9 (15 years old), English
Reviewed on 14-Oct-19
Hui fang laoshi is kind and can understand very well to teach kids. She makes learning fun by games, puzzles. My daughter likes her very much and now she is more confidant in her chinese language. She can understand what is being said in chinese and is also speaking now. Thanks a lot for all the efforts
Tuition for K2, Chinese
Reviewed on 14-Oct-19
My feedback for tutor Kelvin Goh, taken from your centre since May 2018, currently coaching my son Sec 3 Math. He is a very good tutor, punctual and never absent from any lessons so far, well knowledge about the math topics, no outside materials, he makes sure my son understand what has been taught in the text book by the school, using only school text and workbook, caring and responsible tutor. So far, my son has passed his Math under his coaching. Thumb up for him!
Tuition for Sec 2E, Maths
Reviewed on 11-Oct-19
She is very good. I think I finally found a good Malay tutor which is very hard to find. 1010/19- Update : So far, she is very good. Never late, very professional
Lizabelle Uy
Tuition for Pri 1, Malay
Reviewed on 10-Oct-19
Teacher Jenny is kind,generous and grammatically .she's teach me composition , vocabulary, grammar and stimulus-based conversation She also tell me how to write composition.
Mrs Khoo
Tuition for Pri 3, English Creative Writing
Reviewed on 8-Oct-19
Hi!! Jack is enjoying the sessions and finding it helpful, so I am happy!
Tiffany See
Tuition for Grade 8 (13 years old), Maths
Reviewed on 7-Oct-19
A quick feedback- 1) Tutor- responsible amd caring, giving feedback or comments at the end of the session to improve interaction between her and child 2) agent- responsive and taking considerations in selecting tutor Thank you Start Tuition! Will recommend you to others
Tuition for Pri 4, English (Composition)
Reviewed on 7-Oct-19
Hi Jasmine, Shi Yun was great last week and I’ve asked her to come back every Tuesday. So thanks again, and will let you know how things go once the real sessions begin.
Tuition for 3 years old, Arts & craft
Reviewed on 7-Oct-19
Thank you for providing your service to us. It was a great help to my son. I asked his ferdback and he said he learned a lot from Ms.Hwei Shin. I personally appreciate her desire to reach out on my son's needs and find ways on how to help him improve.
Tuition for Sec 1, Chinese
Reviewed on 3-Oct-19
The tutor is good and very resourceful. My son enjoys her lessons and looks forward to it. He has slight improvements so far.
Mdm Zunaida
Tuition for K1, Reading & Writing
Reviewed on 1-Oct-19
My tutor is really awesome and I'm grateful for her patience with me while teaching me.
Dion Lee
Tuition for Foundation Diploma, A-Math
Reviewed on 30-Sep-19
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