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Recent reviews from Parents

she is better and she reached on time every class and she taught my daughter a few extra minutes more in sometime to finish her work.
Tun Tun
Tuition for Pri 3, English, Science & Chinese.
Reviewed on 20-Jun-18
My gal is rather receptive to jolynn's teaching. She is focused & patient when tutoring my shy gal. The agent Jasmine whom liaised with me is very prompt in responding. I had actually found my tutor within 1 week!
Elicia Lim
Tuition for Pri 3, Math & Chinese
Reviewed on 20-Jun-18
My son is very happy with the teacher - the way he explains, very detailed, asks a lot of questions. It s a perfect match!
Tuition for Pri 6, Science
Reviewed on 19-Jun-18
Mrs Toh is very professional.
Mrs Lee
Tuition for Pri 5, English
Reviewed on 18-Jun-18
My gal is rather receptive to Mr Lee's teaching methods. He is very focused when tutoring. Is agent Jace the lady who liaised with me and recommended Mr Lew to me? Well if she is, she is very prompt in responding to my queries. Quite pleased with her.
Pauline Ong
Tuition for Sec 1E, History
Reviewed on 12-Jun-18
Teacher Matilda is very professional and passionate. She make the lesson interesting for the child and stay interactive throughout the session . I can see a very good progress on his English. Agent Jace is very nice and proactive in supporting us to get a good tutor. Thanks you.
Winnie Lim
Tuition for K1, English
Reviewed on 12-Jun-18
Tutor Alicia is friendly and my daughter currently is able to understand her approach of the topics. Agent Jasmine has been quick and efficiently got back with details of tutors to choose from. Glad to have found this choice.
Tuition for Pri 6, Maths
Reviewed on 5-Jun-18
By the way, my daughter result improved a lot. .tks for everything. Improved 10 marks
Karen Neo
Tuition for Pri 3, English & Maths
Reviewed on 1-Jun-18
Parent feedback : She is very dedicated & responsible tutor. My boy like her teaching style & she will make the lesson more interesting for my son.
Tuition for Pri 5 (2018), English
Reviewed on 24-May-18
You recomm Mrs Toh last year, her results in EL improved a lot. Now is near to Band 1 border
Tuition for Pri 3, English
Reviewed on 21-May-18
Agent Vanessa provided seamless service. She was quick and efficient in finding me an appropriate tutor. Thanks Vanessa. Tutor Mark Ang, he was professional. He always arrived 5 mins earlier. He explains in various ways to ensure I understand the concepts. I wouldn't deny that my knowledge has increased after attending a few of his classes. He certified has great knowledge in Economics.
Tuition for Degree (SUSS), Financial Management & Managerial Economics
Reviewed on 21-May-18
Mr Poh is a very patient tutor who will go to great lengths in explaining clearly whatever queries I have regarding those difficult topic concepts. I recommend him as a strong and viable tutor for future students in managerial economics. Thanks.
Leong Jun Wei Andy
Tuition for Degree (SUSS), Managerial Economics
Reviewed on 17-May-18
Ya He is perfect
Tuition for N level, Maths
Reviewed on 14-May-18
My feedback on Mr Ridzuan , a concerned tutor who doesn't mind putting in extra time to ensure that my son really understood what was being taught.
Norshidah Zainuddin
Tuition for Pri 4, Maths & Science
Reviewed on 14-May-18
She is really good and infact my daughter looks forward in having math tuition.
Tuition for Pri 4, Maths
Reviewed on 11-May-18
you recommended the maths tutor VERY GOOD!!! Very caring and patience. My son dont know she will phone him as a prompter to guide him. She is like a counselor to him.
Mrs Foo
Tuition for Pri 6, Maths
Reviewed on 7-May-18
My daughter loves her Science Tutor. I can see that she is very patient and I like the way she conducts and answers the questions. At times she does conduct her own Science Experiments instead of basing on the information stated in the book.
Mr Lim
Tuition for Pri 4, Science
Reviewed on 24-Apr-18
1) The tutor was really friendly and experienced. He's great at teaching both A and E math. He printed out nicely formulas for both of the maths and even gave me a set of amath exercises. He is super willing to stay longer 30 mins just to help to improve on a certain topic and is very patient when teaching! 2) The Agent was, as far as I can remember, super patient with me as well. It took me quite awhile to reply her texts but she was still super nice. Very professional. Gave reminders of when my first lesson will be.
Yam Yu Yang
Tuition for Sec 3, A-Maths & E-Maths
Reviewed on 23-Apr-18
Thanks to Jasmine for finding a good tutor for my child. Tutor. Siva is very good , actually my Son has showing progress in studies
Sheela Suresh
Tuition for Pri 3, Tamil
Reviewed on 23-Apr-18
Kwok Lao Shi comes with alot of experience. She is able to engage with my child well. I would highly recommend her for any future assignments.
Yvonne Lim
Tuition for Sec 1, Higher Chinese
Reviewed on 20-Apr-18
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