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Recent reviews from Parents

Hey Jasmine! The lessons are going quite well, Mr Ng is a really good teacher
Yasotha Rajasundram
Tuition for A level, Accounting
Reviewed on 25-Apr-19
Danny is absolutely fantastic. I watched him in action with EJ yesterday evening for the first time and I was really impressed. My son struggles to focus on things he doesn't like, yet he was highly focused, incredibly engaged and strangely energised after the session. It was an absolute pleasure to see him trying so hard, and I put that down to the fact that Danny has managed to forge a real connection with him in a very space of short time. Something has clearly clicked there, so hopefully it will start to trickle down to EJ's results at school soon. EJ likes him so much he is now scheduling his own sessions. Even the cat likes Danny and she doesn't like anyone LOL. Bottom line, we couldn't be happier with Danny so far. Anyone who can engage my son to work harder is fantastic in my book.
Tuition for Year 10 IGCSE, Maths & Science
Reviewed on 24-Apr-19
She has been super helpful..
Ms Kim
Tuition for Sec 2E (2019), English
Reviewed on 22-Apr-19
Agent Vanessa is very good. Her reply is fast and very helpful for me. Thank you.
Jung Misun
Tuition for Sec 1E, Science
Reviewed on 10-Apr-19
Oh, Chua is good and responsible. Thank for your recommendations. My kid likes his teaching.
Mr Rex
Tuition for Sec 2, Combined History & Geography
Reviewed on 9-Apr-19
Ms Loh is a very patient & gentle teacher. Ms Loh will explain and explain to my gal if she still does not understand. My gal likes her Agent Jasmine is quick in looking tuition teachers for me. she still given me a few choices to choose.
Iris Tng
Tuition for Pri 2, English, Math & Chinese
Reviewed on 8-Apr-19
The lessons are going well. I am happy with the tutor Mdm Thng and Lim Li Ting as well. Thanks for a good sourcing
Dr Nina
Tuition for Sec 4, Pure Chemistry & Physics
Reviewed on 3-Apr-19
Oh yeah by the way I am happy with the tutor Mdm Thng and Lim Li Ting as well. Thanks for a good sourcing
Dr Nina
Tuition for Pri 4, Maths
Reviewed on 3-Apr-19
I am satisfied with the service. Teacher Amanda is dedicated tutor, knows how to create learning atmosphere for kids!
Mdm Puja
Tuition for Pri 2, Chinese
Reviewed on 28-Mar-19
Hi thanks for recommending Ms Pamela to me. After my son has been taught by her the first term, his results improved tremendously :D He has 47/50 and math 49.5/50. Minus half a mark because he forgot to put units :) Updated 1 year later: Ms Pamela is still tutoring my son. She's good
Tuition for Pri 4, English, Maths, Science
Reviewed on 25-Mar-19
Very good. My children improved a lot! Both of my husband and I are so amazed at their improvements! He is really good. I don’t really mind pay him more coz my children now are very confident in themselves after Mr Vic’s help, and it's only 4 lessons. From zero to this. Before Mr Vic came to my house, they really cannot spell any words! Anyway, really appreciate your referral. We are happy to choose you!
Ms Huang Chia Yu
Tuition for N1 & K1 (3 students), Phonics & Reading
Reviewed on 21-Mar-19
Tuition with Jia Ning is very helpful to my daughter. She is enjoying. She is helping her with conversation also. I am confident my Daughter will be happy with Chinese for K2. Ms. Jasmine is also very helpful. With timely follow ups.
Ms Thushara
Tuition for K2 (Beginner), Mandarin
Reviewed on 19-Mar-19
Mr Ow is a nice man who gives his best to Mulken
Miko Low
Tuition for Sec 2, English
Reviewed on 18-Mar-19
Miss Joey very humble and nice tutor she teaches very nicely my daughter start liking her I'm so happy to hear and she says she understand very clear and nicely.
Mrs Saleem
Tuition for Sec 4, O Level E-Math, N Level A-Math
Reviewed on 13-Mar-19
.glad to hv very good tutor to my gal...n thanks for Start Tuition agency
Tuition for Sec 5, Maths
Reviewed on 4-Mar-19
Jia Hao is not an easy tutor for kid to trick their way. To me, as my boy is a cheeky one, I was quite worry that the tutor will not be able to handle him well. But Jia Hao manages well and I am glad that I have him as my kid's tutor.
KT Chen
Tuition for Pri 2, English & Maths
Reviewed on 1-Mar-19
Mdm Doreen Ng has been a great tutor for my boys. My P6 boy says he learns more in her 1-hr lesson than in all his classes during the week (he doesn't really understand his chinese teacher at school). My P4 boy enjoys his lessons & I often hear him laughing during class. What a blessing she has been!
Mrs Sim
Tuition for Pri 4, Pri 6, Chinese
Reviewed on 1-Mar-19
My son always looking forward to his tuition days with Madam Nooraini. She is well mannered, patient and positive person. She will teach my son and explain to him thoroughly and even makes the learning interesting with stories relatable. Thank You Madam Nooraini! Agent Jasmine is very kind to me on sharing informations with regards to which tutor suits my needs. Thank You Ms Jasmine!
Tuition for Pri 4, Science
Reviewed on 28-Feb-19
extremely happy with Ms Kong and her instructions.
Thomas Hwans
Tuition for Pri 5, English
Reviewed on 26-Feb-19
Good recommendation
Tuition for Sec 2NA, Chinese
Reviewed on 8-Feb-19
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