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Recent reviews from Parents

She is very good.
Tuition for Pri 5, Maths
Reviewed on 22-Jan-18
She is good. Very engaging and my girl enjoys her lesson.
Tuition for Pri 4, Maths
Reviewed on 22-Jan-18
yep !! She’s great
Tuition for Sec 4, A-Maths
Reviewed on 17-Jan-18
The tutor was great!
Tuition for Pri 1, English Composition
Reviewed on 8-Jan-18
My Son says Mr Toh is very active and he allows my son to understand every chapter properly
Moe Yupar Myint
Tuition for Pri 6, Maths & Science
Reviewed on 5-Jan-18
We are very happy with Mr Lam
Yamini David
Tuition for Grade 8, Maths
Reviewed on 4-Jan-18
Very good. Got improve. Responsible. Can push the child.
Mrs Won
Tuition for Sec 4E, Chinese
Reviewed on 4-Jan-18
Sherry is able to click well with my kids. She has a way of teaching and explaining the concepts which enable kids to understand better. My kids like her.
Ms Tan
Tuition for Pri 4 & Pri 6 (2018), P4 - English / P6 - Science
Reviewed on 4-Jan-18
ms Leong is really good
Eugene Wong
Tuition for Beginner (Adult), Malay (Behasa Melayu)
Reviewed on 2-Jan-18
P wa-ed in (2/1/2018) - I like her teaching method as she build up my child confidence and skills in oral English language as well as his comprehension.
Tuition for Pri 2, English
Reviewed on 2-Jan-18
Ms Seetoh is good. Still with us after 1 year.
Tuition for Pri 1 & 2, English, Maths
Reviewed on 28-Dec-17
Very good. Have taught her from 30+, and improve to 60+. Will ask my girl questions. Very punctual. She like her very much.
Mdm Sara
Tuition for Sec 3E, Combined Biology/Chemistry
Reviewed on 28-Dec-17
She's very good. Can improve 20+ to 60+ in the past 6 months. Quite punctual also.
Mdm Sara
Tuition for Sec 3E, POA
Reviewed on 28-Dec-17
Mr Steven seems to have a way to make the learning process fun. My girl enjoys her class from the beginning and I could hear laughter throughout the lesson. It is too early to see result but definitely a good start to a fun learning journey! Thanks to Jasmine for quick sourcing and recommendation of tutor as a start. Highly recommended for parents who has no idea where to find a tutor.
Mrs Lai
Tuition for Pri 3 (2017), Maths
Reviewed on 27-Dec-17
Ms Ang is professional, punctual and patience. 29/12/17- Updated : Teacher Ang Mei Xia is punctual, engage the class for full duration, communicate clearly, inform what she is going to teach for the next lessons. She also use flash cards, songs from YouTube, writing Chinese stroke and exercise book with picture to make my daughter interested. I notice my daughter only can concentrate half an hour. Overall I am satisfied. Thank you so much Start Tuition Team
Thiri Htwe
Tuition for Nursery 2 (2018), Chinese
Reviewed on 21-Dec-17
He is teaching very hard. He always prepare the lesson well and give the homework through email. He has his own note for teaching.
Mrs Lee
Tuition for JC1, H2 Maths
Reviewed on 13-Dec-17
6/12/17- Update : Good, dedicated. Very kind tutor & student did improve quite a lot after having lesson with her.
Jeremy Pok
Tuition for Pri 1, Chinese
Reviewed on 6-Dec-17
Teacher Esther is a patience and kind understanding teacher .She is able to adjust her teaching methods to best suit our son’s learning abilities .We are confident that Teacher Esther to guide him to excel in his studies.
Tuition for Pri 3 (2017), English
Reviewed on 5-Dec-17
I am really satisfied with this tutor. She has very good skill and kindness.
David Woo
Tuition for Adult, Basic Chinese, Intermediate English
Reviewed on 27-Nov-17
Excellent service
Tuition for Pri 1 (2017), Mandarin
Reviewed on 23-Nov-17
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