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Recent reviews from Parents

Josceline gan is good in teaching and make my daughter feel that study get easiler and can even teach her classmate on question thur hp and she can remember this better. Excellent attitude and tutor.
Tuition for Pri 4, English Maths Science
Reviewed on 20-Jan-20
It's all thanks to Jesse. She doesn't have a day late, does her best in class, and reviews me every 10 to 20 minutes. My child has improved a lot. I appreciate it as well. For introducing such a nice person.
Miyoung Lee
Tuition for Pri 3 (AEIS), English & Maths
Reviewed on 17-Jan-20
My kid can go along with Mdm Zainab as she is very friendly and understanding.
Siti Aishah
Tuition for Pri 6, Foundation Science & English
Reviewed on 16-Jan-20
Ms Poon is very patient teacher and my girl can understand what she taught.
Tuition for Pri 6 (2020), Maths
Reviewed on 15-Jan-20
Ms. Sara is punctual, focuses on concepts to teach my children, always teaching according to school's sequence. She uses assessment books & school textbooks to teach and after every session, she will summarise to me what she has taught & how she find my kids reaction & response to the new chapters
Mdm Syah
Tuition for Pri 3, Pri 5 (2020), Maths, Science
Reviewed on 9-Jan-20
I feel positive with Sara. She is punctual and responsive. We are happy with Ms Sara as we found her to be responsible and patient. My boy, whom dislikes tuition, had no complaints so far. Which is a good new to me.
Tuition for Pri 6 (2020), Maths, Science
Reviewed on 8-Jan-20
Tutor Sara, so far has been a good match for my daughter who is quite a slow learner. She's precise in her explanation and I like her way of teaching. She did not give the answer straight to the students. She will ask them questions and let them think and try to get the answers. She also teaches by topics and not straight jump to mock test papers. I think it is very important for the students to understand the concept before they can do the mock test papers. Agent Jasmine has been very patient n helpful throughout. She also understands my concern that I need a good n realiable tutor n I need them urgently cos my daughter is taking her PSLE this year.
Diana Dean
Tuition for Pri 6, Math & Science
Reviewed on 3-Jan-20
Thank you very much for a very good tutor Kenny who is very hardworking and patient with my son. My son needs someone like that
Tuition for JC 2 (2020), H2 Maths
Reviewed on 2-Jan-20
Mr Lim is a very good and patient teacher. He makes sure that my son understand the subject. I am very please with Mr Lim teaching. Would definitely recommend him to other students.
Tuition for Diploma (PSB), Chemistry
Reviewed on 2-Jan-20
Mr Jeff is a gd tutor n my kids are clicking well with him and his method of teaching...
Mr Faizal
Tuition for Pri 4, English Maths Science
Reviewed on 31-Dec-19
Everything is going well so far for the past 6 months, and we are happy with teacher Serene.
Mrs Jai
Tuition for Nursery (2.5 year old), Chinese
Reviewed on 30-Dec-19
Ms Wan is doing well with us too. My children's Chinese have improved alots too, for the past 1 year. She is very nice young lady, approacable, helpful and responsible tutor. Thank you for ur recommending.
Mrs Aw
Tuition for Pri 3, Chinese
Reviewed on 30-Dec-19
Tutor Zainab is good. Teaching method is very skillfull. So far my son understood her explanation & enjoy her lesson.
Noor Azizah
Tuition for Sec 2NA (2020), English
Reviewed on 30-Dec-19
Tutor is adaptable and engaging with my son. He is able to focus on the lesson attentively, thank you Vanessa once again. 2nd tutor taken from Start and Vanessa, fully satisfied.
Tuition for Pri 6 (2020), Chinese
Reviewed on 27-Dec-19
We will like said thank you Mr Dai teaching my son chinese.在这几个月了耐心教导,我儿子进步很多。from fail to get grade 4 in his N level result. And he chinese oral -get merit.
Mdm Teh
Tuition for Sec 4NA, Chinese
Reviewed on 24-Dec-19
Tutor Mike is Great. Excellent
Tuition for O Level (2020), Combined Physics
Reviewed on 24-Dec-19
Tutor Patricia is good and equipped with subject knowledge. Easy to approach for doubts. My child likes the teacher with coaching and answering method.
Tuition for O Level (2020), Pure Biology
Reviewed on 23-Dec-19
Thank you we have teacher Shalini, she is a nice lady , my daughter love her so much. Focus on my daughter weak point, got improve at end of year exam.
Ms Lisa
Tuition for Pri 4, English
Reviewed on 20-Dec-19
Teacher Sheeren is able to engage my son by changing up learning activities and math games to meet his needs and short attention span. She also brings her own manipulatives. My son enjoys her lessons. :)
Tuition for K1, Maths
Reviewed on 20-Dec-19
Ms Subhas is good. My son likes her and understands what she taught.
Karen Im
Tuition for Pri 6, English
Reviewed on 18-Dec-19
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