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Recent reviews from Parents

Very good teacher, very effective. Students who has him as their tutor are very lucky.
Mdm Hazel
Tuition for Sec 2E, Maths
Reviewed on 4-Jun-19
I'm still with the current tutor that I took from your agency (1 year ago). She made huge improvements w my daughter.
Ms Lina
Tuition for Pri 3, Math, Science & Malay
Reviewed on 4-Jun-19
All is well (for past 6 months) and Evelyn is still tutoring Nicole. See progress. Hope Nicole can achieve her goal to move to NA !
Jenny Lee
Tuition for Sec 1NT (2019), Maths, Foundation Chinese
Reviewed on 4-Jun-19
Yes all is well with Cikgu Noraisah. She's so good!! 6 months already I And i have gave your contact to some of other parents
Tuition for Pri 2, Pri 3 (2019), Malay (Karangan & Oral)
Reviewed on 4-Jun-19
Tutor very good. Still continue with her. Recommended her to her 2 other sisters & their kids scored well & have good improvement.
Tuition for Sec 1, Maths
Reviewed on 4-Jun-19
Nick is very good and great tutor. Lesson was great and he is very detail with his explanation.
Tuition for Diploma (PSB), Engineering Maths 2
Reviewed on 3-Jun-19
Tutor Sophia is a blessing . Great tutor
Tuition for Sec 4NA (2019), English
Reviewed on 22-May-19
Very satisfied with Tutor Shamala. Thanks for the recommendation.
Tuition for Sec 4NA, English
Reviewed on 21-May-19
Roslind is a nice and caring teacher . She teaches to the child’s needs . We are very happy with her .
Tuition for K2, English & Maths
Reviewed on 16-May-19
My son likes her...she really a patience teacher as he has dyslexic and active
Iris Tng
Tuition for Pri 4, Math & English
Reviewed on 14-May-19
Ms Jacintha is an excellent tutor for my Daughter Pirajna. She is very patient and and firm. She understands my Daughter learning style and teaches her according to her learning needs. She is very loving person and my daughter always looks forward to her class.. My Daughter has shown improvements after Ms Jacintha kind guidance..I m truly lucky to get her as my daughter’s tutor.
Tuition for K1, English, Phonics, Maths
Reviewed on 6-May-19
We r very happy with Maths tutor Ms. Jessica
Tuition for Pri 4 (2019), Maths
Reviewed on 29-Apr-19
Hey Jasmine! The lessons are going quite well, Mr Ng is a really good teacher
Yasotha Rajasundram
Tuition for A level, Accounting
Reviewed on 25-Apr-19
Danny is absolutely fantastic. I watched him in action with EJ yesterday evening for the first time and I was really impressed. My son struggles to focus on things he doesn't like, yet he was highly focused, incredibly engaged and strangely energised after the session. It was an absolute pleasure to see him trying so hard, and I put that down to the fact that Danny has managed to forge a real connection with him in a very space of short time. Something has clearly clicked there, so hopefully it will start to trickle down to EJ's results at school soon. EJ likes him so much he is now scheduling his own sessions. Even the cat likes Danny and she doesn't like anyone LOL. Bottom line, we couldn't be happier with Danny so far. Anyone who can engage my son to work harder is fantastic in my book.
Tuition for Year 10 IGCSE, Maths & Science
Reviewed on 24-Apr-19
She has been super helpful..
Ms Kim
Tuition for Sec 2E (2019), English
Reviewed on 22-Apr-19
Agent Vanessa is very good. Her reply is fast and very helpful for me. Thank you.
Jung Misun
Tuition for Sec 1E, Science
Reviewed on 10-Apr-19
Oh, Chua is good and responsible. Thank for your recommendations. My kid likes his teaching.
Mr Rex
Tuition for Sec 2, Combined History & Geography
Reviewed on 9-Apr-19
Ms Loh is a very patient & gentle teacher. Ms Loh will explain and explain to my gal if she still does not understand. My gal likes her Agent Jasmine is quick in looking tuition teachers for me. she still given me a few choices to choose.
Iris Tng
Tuition for Pri 2, English, Math & Chinese
Reviewed on 8-Apr-19
The lessons are going well. I am happy with the tutor Mdm Thng and Lim Li Ting as well. Thanks for a good sourcing
Dr Nina
Tuition for Sec 4, Pure Chemistry & Physics
Reviewed on 3-Apr-19
Oh yeah by the way I am happy with the tutor Mdm Thng and Lim Li Ting as well. Thanks for a good sourcing
Dr Nina
Tuition for Pri 4, Maths
Reviewed on 3-Apr-19
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