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Recent reviews from Parents

Hi..Tutor Leonard Wong is so far so good,he is engaging and patient in teaching my son who is a Dylx kid,my son do enjoy his lesson:).............Agent Jace is very good in helping me finding a tutor for my son..
Tuition for Pri 5, Science & Maths
Reviewed on 23-Jul-19
Hi. Wai kei is quite good. She has passion in teaching too. Vanessa has done a gd job in recommending her.
Tuition for Pri 5, Maths
Reviewed on 19-Jul-19
Tutor Jasmine is very very good! 5 stars for her!
Tuition for O Level, Geography & Social Studies
Reviewed on 13-Jul-19
We are very happy with the Chinese teacher Mdm Kwan. My son loves to study with her. Agent Jace was very very helpful. Great experience!
Anjeeta Lohia
Tuition for Beginner (Grade 4), Chinese
Reviewed on 9-Jul-19
Gaston is an amazing tutor haha. He really tries his best to accomdate to me and timings. and his notes r really effective.
Claudia Ling
Tuition for Diploma (PSB), Fundamentals of Maths
Reviewed on 8-Jul-19
1) Mr Low is very knowledgeable, generous helpful e.g. offer to help whenever i need even on other subjects he expertise 2) Agent Jasmine is very easy-going, tries her best to find a tutor suitable for me and speedy replies
Poh Wei Hao
Tuition for Sec 4, A-Maths
Reviewed on 4-Jul-19
Thank you we have teacher Shalini, she is a nice lady , my daughter love her so much.
Ms Lisa
Tuition for Pri 4, English
Reviewed on 3-Jul-19
1)Thiri was very patient and dedicated.She provided my son with extra worksheets and even motivated my son alot. 2)Vanessa is very proffesional and efficient in finding us the tutors.She reached to us very quickly about the tutors.
Tuition for O Level, A-Maths
Reviewed on 3-Jul-19
Mr Kamarul is very patient. My son is not afraid to ask him any question. He even told me so far he is the best tutor...I'm glad. Just hope that his grad will improve.
Tuition for Pri 4, English, Math, Science
Reviewed on 1-Jul-19
Hi,Madm Loh built an strong rapport with Alicja who has become an enthusiastic student of Mandarin.  She patiently worked through pronunciation with Alicja. Alicja looks forward to her Mandarin tutorial every week and prepares herself for each lesson with little prompting.  Madm Loh is very well organized and reliable and very well able to hold her students attention. I would recommend Madm Loh as a tutor of mandarin
Barbara Pack
Tuition for Grade 4, Chinese
Reviewed on 24-Jun-19
Mr shahrul is really patient with me and also give me many examples to help me understand the question better (:
Fiona Poh
Tuition for Sec 4NA, E-Math
Reviewed on 20-Jun-19
It has been good! kai ling is very dedicated and my gal is learning well :) thanks for the recommendation.
Jenny Lim
Tuition for O Level, History
Reviewed on 19-Jun-19
I am very happy and satisfied how the sessions are coming along.
Katrina Mascrenhas
Tuition for Pri 2, Chinese
Reviewed on 17-Jun-19
Very good teacher, very effective. Students who has him as their tutor are very lucky.
Mdm Hazel
Tuition for Sec 2E, Maths
Reviewed on 4-Jun-19
I'm still with the current tutor that I took from your agency (1 year ago). She made huge improvements w my daughter.
Ms Lina
Tuition for Pri 3, Math, Science & Malay
Reviewed on 4-Jun-19
All is well (for past 6 months) and Evelyn is still tutoring Nicole. See progress. Hope Nicole can achieve her goal to move to NA !
Jenny Lee
Tuition for Sec 1NT (2019), Maths, Foundation Chinese
Reviewed on 4-Jun-19
Yes all is well with Cikgu Noraisah. She's so good!! 6 months already I And i have gave your contact to some of other parents
Tuition for Pri 2, Pri 3 (2019), Malay (Karangan & Oral)
Reviewed on 4-Jun-19
Tutor very good. Still continue with her. Recommended her to her 2 other sisters & their kids scored well & have good improvement.
Tuition for Sec 1, Maths
Reviewed on 4-Jun-19
Nick is very good and great tutor. Lesson was great and he is very detail with his explanation.
Tuition for Diploma (PSB), Engineering Maths 2
Reviewed on 3-Jun-19
Tutor Sophia is a blessing . Great tutor
Tuition for Sec 4NA (2019), English
Reviewed on 22-May-19
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