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Recent reviews from Parents

1) Mr Toh Is a very good tutor and he accomdates to my time!! he's a patient teacher as well and he is good and even helps me on weekdays. bahaha 2) agent vanessa is friendly and efficient. good cus service
Claudia Ling
Tuition for Higher Nitec, Laboratory Maths
Reviewed on 10-Nov-17
I'm very happy with Mr Lam. I have never seen my son do Maths with such joy and concentration.
Ms Sabine Reike
Tuition for Grade 8 IB (German European School), Maths
Reviewed on 7-Nov-17
Quite a nice lady n tutor but still early to feedback on her cause not sure her teaching is effective for my son. but she is not a calculative tutor.
Eileen Tan
Tuition for Pri 5 (2018), Science
Reviewed on 31-Oct-17
She's very good. She only taught my son for 1+ month, and he got A1 at exams. Last time he's fail.
Tuition for Sec 1NA, Maths
Reviewed on 30-Oct-17
Teacher Ee Cai Yan is very good and patient with my daughter. As I have already explained to her we want her to gain confidence in Maths and enjoy solving problems. We are expecting the teacher to engage her and keep her attention exercising different kinds of approach to maker her love Maths. Grades are not important to us at this stage and age. Teacher Ee Cai Yan is kind and and as Long as our Daughter enjoying the class we are happy.
Tuition for 7 years old, Maths
Reviewed on 27-Oct-17
Ms Liu is a good tutor.My girl likes her teaching and she can understand the concepts better than before
Tuition for JC 2, H2 Maths
Reviewed on 25-Oct-17
Adrian is a good tutor who comes to tution on time and ensures the student learn their topic well. He gives consistent feedback to parents too.
Tuition for O Level, Pure Chemistry & Physics
Reviewed on 24-Oct-17
Teacher is being very helpful and patience in guiding me throughout the lesson. I understand well. She is very into details like the D sounds and the T sounds the Zhi and Zi, Chi and Ci. I enjoy my class. Now, i am able to recognise certain words and meaning. and i am able to write few words too. Thank you to start tution and to teacher jeannie too :)
Nur Azlin Amir
Tuition for Adult, Beginner Chinese
Reviewed on 23-Oct-17
The tutor is very responsible and explain to my daughter very good even over the time as I agreed with you that. Appreciate and thanks
Tuition for Pri 2 (2017), English & Maths
Reviewed on 20-Oct-17
Tutor Allyn is very patient with my 10 year old boy and she explains and coach well.. Agent Jasmine is very kind n patient with my enquiries and replies with little hesitation
Serene Teo
Tuition for Pri 4 (2017), Maths & Science
Reviewed on 19-Oct-17
Mr Allan is very good and helpful.
Zhang Jie
Tuition for Sec 5NA, English
Reviewed on 12-Oct-17
Ms Hu is a very good teacher.
Zhang Lei
Tuition for Pri 2, English
Reviewed on 11-Oct-17
Ms Jaclyn is fine ! she spent extra 15min 2 times to clear my boy's Qns.
Jenna Ong (Mdm)
Tuition for Sec 3, Pure Chemistry & Pure Physics
Reviewed on 10-Oct-17
She is good. Always comes on time, kind and patient with my not easy boy. Gave him some useful advice
Tuition for Pri 2, Chinese
Reviewed on 10-Oct-17
Teacher shereen is good!! She even brought her own props and they r so motivating to my boy. I was so glad that i didnt delay in engaging ur svc till next yr
Eliaz Lim Siew Ping
Tuition for Pri 1, Maths
Reviewed on 9-Oct-17
Jace we love the new tutor. She's awesome. She assesses him, and knows what to do next.
Mohammed Beg
Tuition for Primary AEIS, Maths
Reviewed on 6-Oct-17
My kids like her and enjoy her lessons, my young boy K1 learn sight words from her. He picks up pretty fast.
Apple Wong
Tuition for Pri 2, English & Maths
Reviewed on 3-Oct-17
1) Rachel Huang is a gd math tutor. Hv patience and is clear with her methods & advice 2) Jasmine is good at her work. Able to match my request given at short time frame.
Tuition for Pri 6, Maths
Reviewed on 3-Oct-17
Tutor Mark is patience and knowledgeable on the modules required always punctual and prepared for lessons... He is 1 of the best tutor I have encountered.....Patient and make the effort to explain clearly and to make sure student understand. Agent Vanessa very efficient and able to match a tutor with student needs in a short period of notice.
Angeline Lee
Tuition for Diploma (Kaplan), Economics & Principles of banking and finance
Reviewed on 3-Oct-17
He is doing fine. Still getting used to her. She is trying her best to to get him interest and she updates us every lesson which is wonderful
Jennifer Moo
Tuition for Pri 1, Chinese
Reviewed on 29-Sep-17
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