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Recent reviews from Parents

He's indeed very patience. Knowleagble too. A good fit for coaching NUSH students! Thanks Vanessa Highly recommended for students who needs help in Chemistry! Mathew Lim has the knowledge to coach esp for NUS High students given the sch's syllabus is unique & accelerated unlike mainstream schs! this is the 3rd occasion I have worked with Vanessa. She's outstanding in her job, sourcing the appropriate tutors. Very pleased to have her as our agent!
Yvonne Lim
Tuition for Sec 1 (NUS High), Chemistry
Reviewed on 10-Oct-18
Thank you very much. Ms. Zhang is the one that I wanted. We are very satisfied with her.
Miyoung Lee
Tuition for Pri 2 & Sec 1, English
Reviewed on 9-Oct-18
Sabrina is nice, patience n gentle tutor. She can easily get along with my daughter Alisha.
Seri Syarif
Tuition for Pri 3, Math & English
Reviewed on 21-Sep-18
Madam Wong is a very good teacher....
Tuition for O Level, Combined Physics
Reviewed on 17-Sep-18
He is an experienced teacher. His lessons are interactive, interesting & fun. He shared tips on how to revise for exams, e.g., mindmap for all the Sci modules. Highly recommended if parents are looking for a reliable & quality teacher! We really like him alot! He's very good!
Yvonne Lim
Tuition for Sec 1, Physics
Reviewed on 13-Sep-18
Mr Teo is an excellent chemistry tutor, who understands his students' needs well. I highly recommend him!
Tuition for JC 2, H2 Chemistry
Reviewed on 12-Sep-18
He is a great teacher, very understanding and very motivating
Gowri N
Tuition for Pri 4, Maths
Reviewed on 12-Sep-18
Tutor subhas is a ggood and energetic teacher. she helps my son to improve his standards in English. She is very optimistic and has a good positive attitude. Agent Jasmine was really good and very responsive she knew my urgency and helped to to find a suitable tutor in a timely manner.
Tuition for Pri 6, English
Reviewed on 6-Sep-18
ms jessica is good.. she really helped my daughter and have been so patient with her.. thank you for recommending her.
Tuition for Pri 4, Math
Reviewed on 31-Aug-18
It’s relatively well, she’s well equipped with notes and worksheet that enhance one’s learning
Tan Daphne
Tuition for Sec 3, Pure Chemistry & Pure Biology
Reviewed on 23-Aug-18
Tutor Daniel: He is good and always on time in fact earlier than the scheduled time for tuition which is good so that they can start early and end tuition early. My son likes the way he teaches and can understand what he teaches. Danial is also very accommodating to our requests. Overall a good references to us. Agent Vanessa: Very prompt reply and gave me 3 choices. She did all the co-ordination and i just wait for the 1st day of tuition to come. Very easy to work with.
Siti Raudha
Tuition for Pri 4, Maths & Science
Reviewed on 21-Aug-18
My children is enjoying attending the tuition so far. Tutor Jacinta is providing regular updates on the progress and we are very happy with her.
Ms Lee Min Chian
Tuition for Pri 2 & Pri 4, English
Reviewed on 16-Aug-18
He’s ok very good art teacher who knows the art techniques and patient man
Melanie Tan
Tuition for Pri 4, Art Drawing (Painting)
Reviewed on 14-Aug-18
Oh... so much better. My gal love it. She can really handle my gal*thanx for your filter & recommendation :)
Tuition for Pri 4, English Chinese
Reviewed on 7-Aug-18
Mr Lam is very Gud tutor .......
Tuition for Grade 12 (JC), Maths (Trigonometry & Graphs)
Reviewed on 7-Aug-18
He's very good. Thanks so much for referring him.
Mr Dinesh Subramaniam
Tuition for Pri 6, Science
Reviewed on 31-Jul-18
Agent Jace: She is very polite and very prompt in all her replies. Very responsive and did her best to find suitable tutor for me based on my tight budget and time. She also understand my expectations towards what type of tutor I am looking for my children's learning needs. I am not fond of any fierce or stern teacher when comes to teaching. Agent Jace managed to secure Tutor Michelle and my children like her lessons. Overall I am happy that I do not need too complicated process to secure a tutor with Start Tuition Agency, and having an understanding and responsive person like Agent Jace makes the whole process fast and easier.
Tuition for Pri 2, Maths
Reviewed on 31-Jul-18
Tutor Yi Mei, is very good & patience with my son. As son has mild special needs, she did not get angry when my son don't understand or don't feel like having lesson at times. She is a very patient and understanding person. She came up with study plan to help my son. My son understands better with her tutoring method. My son also feels comfortable with her teaching. I would like to thank Agent Jasmine for recommending tutor Yi Mei to me. Thank you very much Start Tuition Team.
Norsiah Bte Md Yusoff
Tuition for Sec 4 N level, Math & Physics
Reviewed on 25-Jul-18
yes the tutor is great!
Ms Lina
Tuition for Pri 3, Math, Science & Malay
Reviewed on 24-Jul-18
Thank you for introducing such a responsible teacher. I will recommend your company to my Friends
Sanae Ito
Tuition for Pri 5, Science
Reviewed on 13-Jul-18
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