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Recent reviews from Parents

My boy, Haiqal like Mdm Nooraini. He like how she teach him n anticipate every Saturday to see her n learn together with her.
Tuition for Pri 4, Science
Reviewed on 18-Feb-19
Good recommendation
Tuition for Sec 2NA, Chinese
Reviewed on 8-Feb-19
we are very satisfied with the tutor. She is very experienced and patient!
Tracy Chen
Tuition for Grade 5, English & Maths
Reviewed on 7-Feb-19
Tutor is good in communicating with the kids..Fantastic.. Agent Jace was good in finding the right tutor with the right budget for me. Very Patience... Kudos to both of them
Mr Nathan
Tuition for Pri 1, Pri 4, English, Maths
Reviewed on 4-Feb-19
Siti Maryam is really nice to the kids. Thank you Maryam is a sweet girl Always smiling Dennis gets along well with her She provides a little homework for Dennis He is happy to do it She done a great job
Mdm Iman
Tuition for Pri 3, English Maths Science
Reviewed on 29-Jan-19
1) so far learned from my girl tutor is clear in his teaching and v flexible to accommodate my girl's busy schedule. 2) From the v beginning when I used Start tuition agency, Jasmine has render me v good service, most of my criteria set for her to pick tutors for us, she meet them and so majority the tutors she recommended r working well for my two girls. I m happy with her so far and keep up the good job.
Mrs Heng
Tuition for JC 2 (2019), H2 Math & H2 Physics
Reviewed on 29-Jan-19
Tutor Lim Hwee Peng is a responsible tutor. Teaches well. My Son has shown slight improvement just within a few lessons.
Lim Joo Li
Tuition for Pri 6, Chinese
Reviewed on 28-Jan-19
Tutor Vivian Leow is good in engaging my son to learn Science. He enjoys learning from her. Agent Vanessa responds to messages promptly and did a great job in her suggestion of tutors. I am please with her service.
Lim Joo Li
Tuition for Pri 6, Foundation Science
Reviewed on 28-Jan-19
Agent Vanessa responds to messages promptly and did a great job in her suggestion of tutors. I am please with her service. Tutor Calyn Goh is patient when teaching my son's Maths. He has shown better understanding of Maths just within a few lessons.
Lim Joo Li
Tuition for Pri 6, Foundation Maths
Reviewed on 28-Jan-19
Tutor is good and responsible able to assess the learning ability and using different pedagogy to engage my son
Tuition for Sec 4NA, English
Reviewed on 24-Jan-19
She's very good! Still teaching my son after 2 years.
Mrs Lam
Tuition for Pri 6, Maths
Reviewed on 17-Jan-19
Tutor Mr Lee teach with passion. My son like his teaching methods. Any queries regards to the subject can SMS or call him to assist, he reply promptly. Agent Vanessa- Reply promptly as well. Efficient to get back any queries.
Tuition for Pri 5 (2019), Maths
Reviewed on 16-Jan-19
My Daughter Jessica finds Teacher Jolene very good. She knows how to adapt to her students so it was very easy for a shy girl like Jessica to build rapport with her being her first time to do tuition. Her technique in teaching is very simple that my Daughter easily understands the concepts where she used to have difficulty in the past . Like when she explains challenging problems or questions to my Daughter she is able to explain it in a simplified and easy to understand manner . She is a naturally nice person and we are very happy to have her as Jessica's first ever tuition teacher ! We Are very happy that Jessica's grade improved a lot from 53% to 70% in Math despite the short time that Teacher Jolene spent with her ! Kudos to Teacher Jolene ! 15/1/2019 Update I'm very happy with Jolene and we are still with her til now
Tuition for Pri 5, Maths
Reviewed on 15-Jan-19
Tutor Tricia is good and very patience. She explains the steps clearly and make sure my son understands. Agent Jasmine is very efficient in getting tutor Tricia to teach my son.
Tuition for Pri 4, Maths, Science
Reviewed on 11-Jan-19
English tutor is good. She is just 25 but her experience seem better than those with many years. All lesson using her own note and focusing on area of gaining marks.
Mrs Foo
Tuition for Pri 6, English
Reviewed on 10-Jan-19
The maths tutor she is good. One lesson she can share so much of my boy weakness and behaviour during lesson.
Mrs Foo
Tuition for Pri 6, Maths
Reviewed on 10-Jan-19
Both tutor Ivy and agent Jasmine done an awesome job, my daughter likes Ivy so much thank you so much
Tuition for Pri 5, Math & Chinese
Reviewed on 9-Jan-19
Tutor Vinodhini is very patient and easy going person. She can get along with my son and patient in teaching my son as he is very playful As for agent Ms Jasmine, she is very friendly.
Tuition for K2 (2019), Math & English (Phonics)
Reviewed on 9-Jan-19
Mr Ashraf is very good and with his help Ollie has been doing much better in school - so we are very happy. Mr Ashraf is punctual and has a very nice manner. Agent Vanessa has been very helpful and has provided quick service in supplying the tutors. We are very happy with her.
Therese McLoughlin
Tuition for Grade 6, Maths
Reviewed on 9-Jan-19
Tutor Miss Tan is committed and shows patience when teaching my 2 sons. She explains clearly for their better understanding and is resourceful. We are happy with her teaching service. Agent Jasmine was prompt in her service and she managed shortlist us a tutor within the next working day of my request thru telephone conversation. She explained clearly the terms and condition. I would definately recommend Start Tuition to anyone who's looking for a tutor. Thank you.
Mrs Singh
Tuition for Pri 2 & Pri 3 (2019), Math
Reviewed on 8-Jan-19
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