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Recent reviews from Parents

Hi, Thank you once again. Feedback from my daughter, she had better understanding in her English 'O' Level subject. Miss Linah patiently explained and showed her the right technic for her English Writing Jasmine had help us for the 2nd time, my son's 'N' Level (Science) and now my daughter's 'O' Level (English). There's an improvement for my son's combine Science. She helped us to arrange from the start to the 1st lesson so that everything goes smoothly. Appreciate it a lot.
Mdm Sabrina
Tuition for O level, English
Reviewed on 1-Apr-20
Mr David is very experienced and has alot of resources which he can provide my son with.Also uses real life examples to teach.
Tuition for ALevel (2021), H2 Economics
Reviewed on 23-Mar-20
She is very much better than the previous... My girl appreciated her and likes her teaching. My girl told me tat she has no FEAR towards this new teacher.
Tuition for Pri 2, English & Maths
Reviewed on 19-Mar-20
Tutor Ms Tham: She is a very patient teacher and find ways to motivate my child to enjoy his chinese lesson. From the way i see it, she make sure that the child get the right foundation first. She is not afraid to tell us that we need to take few steps backwards. Looking forward to work closely with her.
Jennifer Moo
Tuition for Pri 4, Chinese
Reviewed on 13-Mar-20
Nicole enjoys her lesson with Li Laoshi. Li Laoshi finds way to boost Nicole's confidence before moving into actual teaching, this helped Nicole readjust her pace and she seems to absorb better.
Jenny Lee
Tuition for Sec 2 NT, Foundation Chinese
Reviewed on 12-Mar-20
Your tutor (Nooraini) have been great with us. I receive positive feedback from my niece parents. She is very understanding towards the kid. We saw great improvement. We even build a great rapport and we set goals for my niece. We want her not to strive great results in academic but have a positive mindset towards it. Academic is something I want my niece to cherish and we found the right tutor for her. Thank you StartTuition for the recommendations. Your tutor have been excellent in her profession.
Azhari Jumahat
Tuition for Pri 6, English, Science, Foundation Maths
Reviewed on 10-Mar-20
She’s very cheerful n bubbly n makes my girl very comfortable with her even on her first lesson, the four lessons have passed and I can see that my girl is enjoying the lessons with her. She says that at least now she gets to understands the fundamentals thanks to Ms Tan. Thanks for recommendation and I will look out for students for your agency if there are.
Mdm Ellina
Tuition for Sec 4E, POA
Reviewed on 9-Mar-20
We love Caroline - our kids love Caroline, we're very pleased with her tutoring style and kids are learning heaps from her. She makes learning fun!
Annie Chiam
Tuition for Year 2 & 5, Creative Writing, Maths, Unit of Inquiry
Reviewed on 6-Mar-20
It's been 6 months. I like her teaching method as she build up my child confidence and skills in oral English language as well as his comprehension.
Tuition for Pri 2, English
Reviewed on 25-Feb-20
Tutor nooraini is a prefect tutor....now my both gerl have improvement in their studies
Tuition for Pri 2 & Pri 5 (2020), English & Maths
Reviewed on 24-Feb-20
Tutor has been very patient to me during lessons. when i get certain answers wrong, she would slowly go through with me until i understand. she would also explain why my answers are wrong and how i can prevent such mistakes. thanks to tutor sophia, i am able to do well in most of my mock tests in school. i enjoy every one of her lessons. she would recap with me for each topic before i attempt the questions. she would give me questions for me to practise before my upcoming tests. my grades for math has been increasing after having lessons with tutor sophia
Nur Halimah
Tuition for Sec 3NA, English, Maths
Reviewed on 24-Feb-20
Aaron is a great tutor. Importantly, my daughter understand his teaching methods and look forward to tuition each time. I'd recommend Aaron to any parents who are looking for a good Maths and Science tutor. Thank you Start Tution for the recommendation.
Ms Masitah
Tuition for Pri 6, Maths
Reviewed on 24-Feb-20
Both the agent & tutor are superb! Jasmine has been patiently & pro actively follow up with my request. She replies in a timely manner Khuzaifah is the best tutor I have ever came across He took his time to update me ( in detail )on my son's progress or shortfall after every lesson He shared what are the techniques of teaching best suit my son He is patient & with full dedication I am very very happy!
Sahkma Zawawi
Tuition for Pri 6, Foundation English & Maths
Reviewed on 18-Feb-20
My gal loves the tutor and always looking forward to her lessons. For agent Jasmine, I really can depend on her and i know her almost a year I Guess, she is always there for me and answers all my questions.
Tuition for Pri 1 (2020), English, Math & Chinese
Reviewed on 12-Feb-20
My gal enjoy Teacher Nizam teaching, appreciated. Tutor Nizam make every lesson cheerful and lively, that is what I am looking for , bravo! Thank you !
Lily Wu
Tuition for Pri 6, Maths
Reviewed on 5-Feb-20
The tutor very good. My son fail/just passed all the way since Sec 1, even at mid year still failing. But at O Levels, improved to A1. Very committed also, never miss lessons.
Ng Lily
Tuition for O Level, Combined Chemistry+Biology
Reviewed on 3-Feb-20
Mr.Akshay has been tutoring my son since last semester. He is a responsible and approachable tutor. My son's grades have improved from B to A since tuitions started. He works with my son with strict intructions but at a comfortable pace.He gives him additional worksheets before exams which I think helps a lot. I will reccommend Mr.Akshay to anyone who is looking for a tutor.
Tuition for Grade 12 (JC), Physics
Reviewed on 28-Jan-20
Tutor gave his own prepare paper,3 months time only my son from 79 bloom to 92
Tuition for Pri 4, English
Reviewed on 22-Jan-20
1) Tutor Eda is very accommodating and her teaching is well absorbed by my daughter and that makes her love the tuition even more. 2) Agent Vanessa loved her patience even when i asked her for more avail tutors for me to choose. Her helping me with candidates has been helpful.
Nur Azlindah Mohamad
Tuition for Pri 3 (2020), Maths
Reviewed on 22-Jan-20
Your agent Jasmine is very good. Within a very short notice, she is able to find me a chinese tuitor for my boy who is currently in P1. Stephanie Leong is very patience and have passion in teaching. My son is very comfortable with her and is always looking forward to his weekly tuition. Thank you Jasmine & Stephanie. You both are God sent angels.
Phylis Faith Tan
Tuition for Pri 1 (2020), Chinese
Reviewed on 22-Jan-20
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