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Looking for experienced Phonics tuition teachers?

Phonics is a key component of learning how to read. The Phonics tutors will help the child understand the relationship between letters and sounds, so that they learn how to read new words on their own. Children will learn to verbalise the letters in a structured Phonics program.

Learning Phonics - Why?

Phonics is widely successful in teaching reading skills to children. Breaking up the words and teaching the sounds and consonants separately allows students to improve in their pronunciation and word recognition

In fact, MOE also teaches Phonics in its Learning Support Programmes in schools. These programmes are early intervention schemes that supports students identified as have weak reading and/or speech skills.

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Parents' Testimonials

Phonics tuition: Rated 4.53 by 32 parents.
Yes she is great! :)
Tuition for K2 prepare for Pri 1, English, Phonics, Maths
Reviewed on 4-Jul-23
She was amazing and super kind and gentle
Tuition for K2, English, Reading. Phonics
Reviewed on 7-Mar-23
Tutor Nooraini is a very patient teacher towards my children and she's able to accommodate to their focus span as well as mood..
Hidayati Mohd Yusoff
Tuition for Pri 1 and K1 (2023), English, Phonics, Maths
Reviewed on 13-Feb-23
Hi! my daughter enjoys her lessons with teacher Zakiah and she does imitate what had been thought time to time. teacher Zakiah is very patient with my active toddler. We are happy so far!
Tuition for N2, English, Phonics/Letter recognition
Reviewed on 9-Mar-22
tutor is good n patient, happy with her teaching my son so far
Yee Wei
Tuition for 4 years old, Phonics
Reviewed on 17-Feb-22
Ms Claire, is very patient teacher. With the 1st lesson, she help my son with his weakness on reading (phonics).
Mrs Chua
Tuition for Pri 1, English Phonics Maths
Reviewed on 15-Feb-22
Thanks for introducing Faana to me. She has great rapport w my boy
Mrs Chang
Tuition for K2, English Phonics
Reviewed on 7-Feb-22
Her teaching pattern suits with my 4 and half year old. He can get along with her. My son always look forward to meet her lesson time.
Yi Mon
Tuition for K1, Phonics English
Reviewed on 5-May-21
we are very happy with teacher Mdm Leigh!
Wei Yee
Tuition for K1, Phonics & Math
Reviewed on 29-Apr-21
So far, my son is happy and enjoy teaching by XQ as well. XQ is teaching my kid with existing childcare homework and some of my exercise books, she also taught my son few new phonics pronouciation each time.
Tuition for K2, English + Phonics
Reviewed on 24-Mar-21

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