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Looking for experienced Phonics tuition teachers?

Phonics is a key component of learning how to read. The Phonics tutors will help the child understand the relationship between letters and sounds, so that they learn how to read new words on their own. Children will learn to verbalise the letters in a structured Phonics program.

Learning Phonics - Why?

Phonics is widely successful in teaching reading skills to children. Breaking up the words and teaching the sounds and consonants separately allows students to improve in their pronunciation and word recognition

In fact, MOE also teaches Phonics in its Learning Support Programmes in schools. These programmes are early intervention schemes that supports students identified as have weak reading and/or speech skills.

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Parents' Testimonials

Phonics tuition: Rated 4.53 by 17 parents.
Tutor Celeste is v experience. She can handle my active boy well n her way of teaching is very effective. Vanessa is very patient. She take effort to understand what i need n give good suggestion when needed.
Ivy Be
Tuition for K2, Phonics
Reviewed on 18-Sep-19
Tutor is good, the kids love her. My younger son sings out loud and says the words under her.
Ms Ng
Tuition for 4 & 5 years old (2 students), English (Phonics)
Reviewed on 4-Sep-19
Hi.. both teacher Rosie and agent Vanessa are keen in their profession. Im so satisfied with their help. Willing to go beyond the miles in order to succeed my child progress. Thank you once again. I will continue with your tutor service.
Tuition for K2, Phonics & English
Reviewed on 29-Jul-19
So far, good. My son looks forward to his lessons.
Tuition for Pri 1, English, Phonics
Reviewed on 19-Jul-19
Ms Jacintha is an excellent tutor for my Daughter Pirajna. She is very patient and and firm. She understands my Daughter learning style and teaches her according to her learning needs. She is very loving person and my daughter always looks forward to her class.. My Daughter has shown improvements after Ms Jacintha kind guidance..I m truly lucky to get her as my daughter’s tutor.
Tuition for K1, English, Phonics, Maths
Reviewed on 6-May-19
Very good. My children improved a lot! Both of my husband and I are so amazed at their improvements! He is really good. I don’t really mind pay him more coz my children now are very confident in themselves after Mr Vic’s help, and it's only 4 lessons. From zero to this. Before Mr Vic came to my house, they really cannot spell any words! Anyway, really appreciate your referral. We are happy to choose you!
Ms Huang Chia Yu
Tuition for N1 & K1 (3 students), Phonics & Reading
Reviewed on 21-Mar-19
Tutor Vinodhini is very patient and easy going person. She can get along with my son and patient in teaching my son as he is very playful As for agent Ms Jasmine, she is very friendly.
Tuition for K2 (2019), Math & English (Phonics)
Reviewed on 9-Jan-19
feedback on 1) Tutor Amanda Toh: good and patience 2) Agent Jasmine: prompt and patience
Tuition for Pri 1, Phonics
Reviewed on 23-Aug-18
The tutor Ms Cheong is so far so good. My gal like her.
Tuition for K1, English (Phonics)
Reviewed on 29-Mar-18
So far so good thanks.
Tuition for Pri 2, English, Phonics
Reviewed on 26-Feb-18


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