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Looking for experienced Diploma/ITE/Degree tuition teachers?

Students in Polytechnics, ITEs, and Universities are offered a wide variety of courses, like Business, Biomedical, Engineering, Accounting and Finance. We offer private tuition teachers who can help for either short-term exam preparations, or long-term for the entire course.

What modules/courses can we have tuition for?

  • Engineering Maths, Statistics, Probability
  • Sciences, including Biomedical Sciences, Electronics, Mechanics, Aerodynamics
  • Principle of Accounts, Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Book-keeping
  • Business modules, including Business Law, Marketing, Human Resource Management
  • English, Reporting Writing
  • Humanities modules, e.g. Geography, History
  • ... & others

What kind of tutors are available?

You can choose from current University students, Full-Time graduate tutors, Part-Time tutors with Full-Time careers in the relevant areas (e.g. accountants, ACCA holders, private school lecturers), etc. Do share with us the module outline, so that we can filter for the most suitable tutors who can help.

Start Tuition sources from more than 14000 teachers, ex-teachers, full-time tutors, undergraduate tutors to find someone who suits your requirements and budget. No obligations.

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Parents' Testimonials

Diploma/ITE/Degree tuition: Rated 4.56 by 36 parents.
My tutor is really awesome and I'm grateful for her patience with me while teaching me.
Dion Lee
Tuition for Foundation Diploma, A-Math
Reviewed on 30-Sep-19
It's going really well, he teaches really well and clearly
Rishabh Unnikrishnan
Tuition for Diploma, Engineering Maths
Reviewed on 2-Aug-19
Gaston is an amazing tutor haha. He really tries his best to accomdate to me and timings. and his notes r really effective.
Claudia Ling
Tuition for Diploma (PSB), Fundamentals of Maths
Reviewed on 8-Jul-19
So far so good no issues.
Nur Hidayah
Tuition for Diploma (PSB), Maths
Reviewed on 1-Jul-19
According to my daughter, the tutor Javier Tan Yan Kai is a good tutor. Can recommend him to others.
Yvonne Chia
Tuition for Degree, AB1202: Statistics and Analysis
Reviewed on 25-Jun-19
Nick is very good and great tutor. Lesson was great and he is very detail with his explanation.
Tuition for Diploma (PSB), Engineering Maths 2
Reviewed on 3-Jun-19
So far so good, he always update me the progress and my girl so far can understand his teaching.
Mrs See
Tuition for Degree (SIM), Cost Analysis & Applications
Reviewed on 26-Oct-18
He's indeed very patience. Knowleagble too. A good fit for coaching NUSH students! Thanks Vanessa Highly recommended for students who needs help in Chemistry! Mathew Lim has the knowledge to coach esp for NUS High students given the sch's syllabus is unique & accelerated unlike mainstream schs! this is the 3rd occasion I have worked with Vanessa. She's outstanding in her job, sourcing the appropriate tutors. Very pleased to have her as our agent!
Yvonne Lim
Tuition for Sec 1 (NUS High), Chemistry
Reviewed on 10-Oct-18
Yes he's doing good
Tuition for Diploma (Kaplan), Math
Reviewed on 30-Jul-18
Agent Vanessa provided seamless service. She was quick and efficient in finding me an appropriate tutor. Thanks Vanessa. Tutor Mark Ang, he was professional. He always arrived 5 mins earlier. He explains in various ways to ensure I understand the concepts. I wouldn't deny that my knowledge has increased after attending a few of his classes. He certified has great knowledge in Economics.
Tuition for Degree (SUSS), Financial Management & Managerial Economics
Reviewed on 21-May-18

What are some of the courses you have matched tutors for?

Some of the courses include:

  • Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Microeconomics module
  • Nanyang Polytechnic, Computing Maths (Descriptive Statistics) EG1761
  • Kaplan diploma course, Management Accounting
  • Kaplan diploma course, Economics & Principles of Banking and Finance
  • SIM, Diploma in Accounting
  • SAICSA diploma course, Corporate Law
  • SMU degree course, Financial Accounting & Managerial Accounting
  • SUSS degree course, Quantitative Methods
  • SUSS degree course, Taxation of Companies and Partnership
  • Australian University degree course, International Management

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