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Looking for experienced Diploma/ITE/Degree tuition teachers?

Students in Polytechnics, ITEs, and Universities are offered a wide variety of courses, like Business, Biomedical, Engineering, Accounting and Finance. We offer private tuition teachers who can help for either short-term exam preparations, or long-term for the entire course.

What modules/courses can we have tuition for?

  • Engineering Maths, Statistics, Probability
  • Sciences, including Biomedical Sciences, Electronics, Mechanics, Aerodynamics
  • Principle of Accounts, Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Book-keeping
  • Business modules, including Business Law, Marketing, Human Resource Management
  • English, Reporting Writing
  • Humanities modules, e.g. Geography, History
  • ... & others

What kind of tutors are available?

You can choose from current University students, Full-Time graduate tutors, Part-Time tutors with Full-Time careers in the relevant areas (e.g. accountants, ACCA holders, private school lecturers), etc. Do share with us the module outline, so that we can filter for the most suitable tutors who can help.

Start Tuition sources from more than 14000 teachers, ex-teachers, full-time tutors, undergraduate tutors to find someone who suits your requirements and budget. No obligations.

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Parents' Testimonials

Diploma/ITE/Degree tuition: Rated 4.6 by 25 parents.
1) Mr Toh Is a very good tutor and he accomdates to my time!! he's a patient teacher as well and he is good and even helps me on weekdays. bahaha 2) agent vanessa is friendly and efficient. good cus service
Claudia Ling
Tuition for Higher Nitec, Laboratory Maths
Reviewed on 10-Nov-17
Ms Guo is good, she provides her own notes
Ms Tan (Deborah Tan)
Tuition for Degree (SUSS), Taxation of Companies and Partnership
Reviewed on 1-Nov-17
Tutor Mark is patience and knowledgeable on the modules required always punctual and prepared for lessons... He is 1 of the best tutor I have encountered.....Patient and make the effort to explain clearly and to make sure student understand. Agent Vanessa very efficient and able to match a tutor with student needs in a short period of notice.
Angeline Lee
Tuition for Diploma (Kaplan), Economics & Principles of banking and finance
Reviewed on 3-Oct-17
yes he's great!
Sally Sim
Tuition for Poly (TP), Engineering Maths 2, Physics
Reviewed on 28-Jul-17
he can manage n good tutor too
Tuition for Diploma (NP), AC Technology and Application
Reviewed on 19-Jun-17
Mr. Leonard is knowledgable in his field of work and doesn't hesitate to clarify any doubts that I have before moving forward to new topics. His teaching method is systematic and progressive.
Jonathan Tan
Tuition for Uni (SMU), Introduction to Calculus (Math 001)
Reviewed on 11-Apr-17
Tutor renjitha is very good n professional in her teaching. Under her 2.5 months of guidance, i have improve in my maths. She is always on time too. Thank you start tuition!!!
Tuition for ITE (Higher Nitec), Laboratory Mathematics
Reviewed on 7-Mar-17
Hi Huili nice lady and always on time. good tutor.
Tuition for Diploma (SP), Statistics & Economics for business management
Reviewed on 1-Mar-17
Mr. James Tan is definitely one of the top tutors I have ever seen, for his outstanding attitudes, apparently ample experiences, responsiveness to parent/student, and the actual results. I will definitely recommend him to anyone and consider myself doing him/her a favor! Besides, personality-wise, he is also very much available and communicative, never late (actually always a bit early) for work, flexible and easy-going, generally a supportive person.
Vicki Chen
Tuition for Degree, Statistics
Reviewed on 15-Feb-17
Thomas is very good. Knowledgeable & have the teaching skill. Tq!
Mdm Hamidah
Tuition for Poly Final year report, Marine and offshore engineering
Reviewed on 27-Jan-17

What are some of the courses you have matched tutors for?

Some of the courses include:

  • Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Microeconomics module
  • Nanyang Polytechnic, Computing Maths (Descriptive Statistics) EG1761
  • Kaplan diploma course, Management Accounting
  • Kaplan diploma course, Economics & Principles of Banking and Finance
  • SIM, Diploma in Accounting
  • SAICSA diploma course, Corporate Law
  • SMU degree course, Financial Accounting & Managerial Accounting
  • SUSS degree course, Quantitative Methods
  • SUSS degree course, Taxation of Companies and Partnership
  • Australian University degree course, International Management

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