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Looking for experienced Secondary school tuition teachers?

Regardless of which Secondary school track your child is in - Express, Normal Academic (NA), Normal Technical (NT), Integrated Programme (IP), International Baccalaureate (IB) - we recommend home tutors familiar and experienced in the syllabus to help your child improve.

At Secondary school level, most home tutors (regardless of Full-Time tutors or Part-time tutors) are specialized in either Maths & Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics), or English & Humanities (Geography, History, Social Studies/SS, Literature). Some tuition teachers, especially the university/polytechnic student tutors, will tutor multiple subjects.

Based on your child's school workload/timetable, you can specify your preferred timings for tuition, so that we can shortlist suitable Secondary school tutors who can fit into your schedule.

Start Tuition sources from more than 14000 teachers, ex-teachers, full-time tutors, undergraduate tutors to find someone who suits your requirements and budget. No obligations.

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Parents' Testimonials

Hi,she is good and systmatic and able to interact with my girls well.glad we hire her,thanks Mrs joshy
Mrs Joshy
Tuition for Sec 1E, Chinese
Reviewed on 19-Apr-17
My girl can understand her teaching method very well since the first lesson & eager to learn more from her. She is looking forward for her lesson on Sun morning. My girl is having science class test last week & is waiting to see her result which she think can do better than previous. Maureen is a responsible lady which I will recommend to parents.
Tuition for Sec 2, Science
Reviewed on 13-Apr-17
I highly recommend Bibi as a private tutor. She is very passionate in her teaching. She even bought a book for my girl to help her with her Literature studies. She extend her lesson without asking for extra fee. She also make sure my girl completed her tuition work. She will always feedback to me regarding my girl's progress. I find her to be very responsible tutor.
Mdm Chan
Tuition for Sec 1E, Literature
Reviewed on 4-Apr-17
Feedback: Ms Desiree Tan is very good at teaching concepts to students. She is able to make sure that her student is able to understand what she is teaching through asking them to talk about the process of the concept which in turn helps the student to revise and internalise what is being taught. She is able to sum up a chapter in a single lesson and teach the key points which saves a lot of time; she teaches the skills as well as the application of the concepts and skills in questions based on Science and especially A Math. She is also understandable, out-going and easy to talk to and at the same time strict which contributes to the discipline of a student. Overall, it has been a good experience with Ms Desiree Tan and I do hope to continue my journey for my 'O' levels. I feel that she is able to help and support me. Her lessons are always something to look forward to, fun and easy to understand.
Ashley Wong
Tuition for Sec 4E, E & A Maths, Pure Biology, Pure Chemistry
Reviewed on 24-Mar-17
For the feedback for Mr Rick, I would like to comment that improvement could be seen in my son's CA results. From my observations, Mr Rick is a professional teacher, who makes the mathematics equation look simple, as he explains every detail in simple terms.
Mdm Vastha
Tuition for Sec 4 O Level, E-Maths
Reviewed on 20-Mar-17
Ms Sandhana is a very kind teacher.She teaches my daughter very well. She is also very well-going. She comes perfectly on time.
Tuition for Sec 1, English & Science
Reviewed on 10-Mar-17
Tutor Noel is very professional and knowledgeable and I think my Son is learning SS/History very well with him.
Mrs Jyoti
Tuition for Sec 5, History, Social Studies
Reviewed on 8-Mar-17
.my son like Mr Chin teach...thks for help
Esther Leow
Tuition for N level, Combined Chemistry & Physcis
Reviewed on 3-Mar-17
I'm satisfied with her performance and my child is comfortable with her teaching pace. Most importantly, her teaching style is understandable by mine child. Thanks
Tuition for Sec 1E, Maths, Science
Reviewed on 22-Feb-17
She had a positive mind,good communicator between parents and to the student..i gave her 100% capable to teach or tutor the kids. Thank you
Tuition for Sec 1N, Maths
Reviewed on 20-Feb-17


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