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Looking for experienced Secondary school tuition teachers?

Regardless of which Secondary school track your child is in - Express, Normal Academic (NA), Normal Technical (NT), Integrated Programme (IP), International Baccalaureate (IB) - we recommend home tutors familiar and experienced in the syllabus to help your child improve.

At Secondary school level, most home tutors (regardless of Full-Time tutors or Part-time tutors) are specialized in either Maths & Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics), or English & Humanities (Geography, History, Social Studies/SS, Literature). Some tuition teachers, especially the university/polytechnic student tutors, will tutor multiple subjects.

Based on your child's school workload/timetable, you can specify your preferred timings for tuition, so that we can shortlist suitable Secondary school tutors who can fit into your schedule.

Start Tuition sources from more than 14000 teachers, ex-teachers, full-time tutors, undergraduate tutors to find someone who suits your requirements and budget. No obligations.

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Parents' Testimonials

Mdm. Mock is a very good tutor. She's patient, very motherly, very.supportive and she's very good at what she's tutoring( Maths). My son really likes her and very thankful that he got her as his tutor. I'm so happy for your recommendation. Thank you so much to Start Tuition. I wish you a Happy Lunar New Year
Tuition for Sec 2E, Maths
Reviewed on 23-Jan-17
She is responsible. Unlike the previous tutor i had
Tuition for Sec 4NA (2017), Social Studies
Reviewed on 21-Jan-17
He was very good
Mr Rajinder
Tuition for O Level, Combined Physics/Chemistry
Reviewed on 29-Dec-16
She is ok. Punctual and patient in explaining
Chong Yann Shin
Tuition for Sec 4E (2017), Pure Chemistry
Reviewed on 19-Dec-16
So far so good. On time for tuition. Soft spoken. Interact well with my son
Tuition for Sec 4 (2017), E-Maths, Combined Chem/Physics
Reviewed on 15-Dec-16
Very nice, very generous. Know how to handle her.
Ashley Park
Tuition for Sec 2 IB, Maths
Reviewed on 15-Dec-16
She's good, patient and my daughter comfortable with her, thanks
Tuition for Sec 4 (2017), Combined Chem/Biology
Reviewed on 2-Dec-16
Miss Anusha is a patient teacher and was very clear in her explaination my daughter feel comfortable to learn from her.
Mrs Sng
Tuition for Sec 4NA (2017), English, Maths & Combined Science
Reviewed on 30-Nov-16
He is knowledgable and passion with his subject. Committed to achieve his best.
Tuition for O Level, Social studies & Geography
Reviewed on 2-Nov-16
Mr Thong Teck Huat was a very nice n patient person. Really wanted a teacher like him. It was very comfortable doing maths with him. It was jus three tuitions with sir, he thought me extremely well n which some of the questions came out for o's. He always sent me message regarding the paper n I could also ask him questions on WhatsApp which was easy for me. It showed that he really care for his students. Thank u for sending him as my tutor. :)
Tuition for O Level, E-Maths
Reviewed on 26-Oct-16

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