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Science is a subject that builds on the student's understanding of the concepts. Together with that and hands-on learning, tutors can help them remember and apply what they've learnt in tests and exams. Some tutors go all the way to recreate experiments and make Science come alive. Others can focus more on answering techniques and help students score in the exams.

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Parents' Testimonials

The teacher which you have given named "Sandana" is really good. She managed to improve my son's education standard very nicely.
Mr Kushal
Tuition for Pri 6, English, Maths, Science
Reviewed on 19-Apr-17
He is such a wonderful teacher... my son n him gets along very well... he can " handle him with care " ...
Serene Yeong
Tuition for Pri 6 (Foundation), Maths, Science
Reviewed on 13-Apr-17
My girl can understand her teaching method very well since the first lesson & eager to learn more from her. She is looking forward for her lesson on Sun morning. My girl is having science class test last week & is waiting to see her result which she think can do better than previous. Maureen is a responsible lady which I will recommend to parents.
Tuition for Sec 2, Science
Reviewed on 13-Apr-17
Ms Sandhana is a very kind teacher.She teaches my daughter very well. She is also very well-going. She comes perfectly on time.
Tuition for Sec 1, English & Science
Reviewed on 10-Mar-17
I'm satisfied with her performance and my child is comfortable with her teaching pace. Most importantly, her teaching style is understandable by mine child. Thanks
Tuition for Sec 1E, Maths, Science
Reviewed on 22-Feb-17
Hi, Leon is exactly what I was looking for, kind and joyful but knows how to keep my son interested. He does some simples but practical experiments that help Gabriel understand better some concepts. Thank you!
Tuition for Pri 4, English, Maths, Science
Reviewed on 7-Feb-17
She is very good n the kids like her.
Ms Ong
Tuition for Sec 1 & Sec 2 Express, Maths & Science
Reviewed on 2-Feb-17
Tutor Lalita she pleasant and my Daughter is comfortable with her teaching. Very good, very comfortable with her.
Mr Haszlan
Tuition for Pri 6, English, Maths, Science
Reviewed on 23-Jan-17
So far so good, my kid like the tutor. I am very happy with her. She is very sincere and has a good rapport with my daughter.
Aarti Chidambaram
Tuition for Sec 1 Express (2017), Maths & Science
Reviewed on 16-Jan-17
Sheila explained to him the foundations of multiplication & division. Her explanation was clear and her speed was just right. She also make sure my son understands and catch what she just explained. She also dint use her hp much while tutoring (which I really appreciate).
Sarah Dorahim
Tuition for Pri 4, Maths, Science
Reviewed on 16-Jan-17


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