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🌏 Request on Website 24/7
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📧 Team@StartTuition.sg

Looking for experienced Preschool tuition teachers?

Preschool tuition are meant to be individual, customized sessions where nursery and kindergarten children learn through fun and interactive games, puzzles, rhymes, songs etc. Generally fun and engaging lessons for the children to reinforce what they've learnt in preschool.

What lessons are offered at Start Tuition agency?

  • English
  • Maths
  • Mother Tongue, for Chinese, Malay, Tamil
  • Phonics
  • Preparing for Pri 1

What tutors do you have for Preschool students

We shortlist for you home tutors with background in teaching young children, including those with specialized early-childhood training and phonics teaching experience. Some of the preschool tuition teachers are also existing childcare teachers, kindergarten and nursery teachers and assistants with a passion to teach young children..

You can also opt for younger tutors like those studying in Polytechnic or University now, who will have a smaller age gap with your children.

Start Tuition sources from more than 15000 teachers, ex-teachers, full-time tutors, undergraduate tutors to find someone who suits your requirements and budget. No obligations.

Find your ideal home tutor from Start Tuition today!

Primary, Secondary, JC, Diploma, Degree classes are available.

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Based on your requirements, we will send you the best tutors within your budget. We will be in touch within 1 working day.


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Parents' Testimonials

Preschool tuition: Rated 4.52 by 124 parents.
Hui Fang is always punctual and diligent in teaching my daughter. Have great discipline. Thank you.
Tuition for K2 (2024), Math
Reviewed on 22-Feb-24
Mdm Lim is good
Deepti Menon
Tuition for K2 (2024), English & Math
Reviewed on 19-Jan-24
Yes she is great! :)
Tuition for K2 prepare for Pri 1, English, Phonics, Maths
Reviewed on 4-Jul-23
She was amazing and super kind and gentle
Tuition for K2, English, Reading. Phonics
Reviewed on 7-Mar-23
So far Teacher Siti is good.. My girls can get along well with her. Teacher Siti make extra effort to help me reschedule the class despite her busy schedule. Overall I very happy with Teacher Siti. Thank you
Noorfazurah Rashid
Tuition for K1 & K2 (2023), English & Maths
Reviewed on 6-Mar-23
We are happy with the service provided by the tutor, Wen Xuan, and the agent, Jace.
Henry Pay
Tuition for K1, Chinese
Reviewed on 16-Feb-23
Tutor Nooraini is a very patient teacher towards my children and she's able to accommodate to their focus span as well as mood..
Hidayati Mohd Yusoff
Tuition for Pri 1 and K1 (2023), English, Phonics, Maths
Reviewed on 13-Feb-23
Teacher is good my daughter like to learn with her
Joy Chua
Tuition for K2 and N2, English &/or Chinese &/or Math
Reviewed on 1-Feb-23
All good. We are happy with her.
Tuition for 4 year old / N2, Chinese
Reviewed on 10-Jan-23
She is good we are happy having her. Thanks
Tuition for 3 year old / N1, Chinese
Reviewed on 27-Sep-22

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