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Looking for experienced Chemistry tuition teachers?

To score in Chemistry, students need to understand the concepts, apply them to solve problems, and demonstrate an ability to observe, record, and interpret results in practical scenarios.

Tutors can help them construct mindmaps or notes to aid their learning and revise/explain Chemistry questions in past year papers or other school exam papers.

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Parents' Testimonials

I think she's a great tutor! She knows her things well & she can explain it well.
Tuition for A Level, H2 Physics, H2 Chemistry
Reviewed on 21-Jan-17
He was very good
Mr Rajinder
Tuition for O Level, Combined Physics/Chemistry
Reviewed on 29-Dec-16
She is ok. Punctual and patient in explaining
Chong Yann Shin
Tuition for Sec 4E (2017), Pure Chemistry
Reviewed on 19-Dec-16
So far so good. On time for tuition. Soft spoken. Interact well with my son
Tuition for Sec 4 (2017), E-Maths, Combined Chem/Physics
Reviewed on 15-Dec-16
She's good, patient and my daughter comfortable with her, thanks
Tuition for Sec 4 (2017), Combined Chem/Biology
Reviewed on 2-Dec-16
Sherry is good Was clear in her explanation
Mrs Leo
Tuition for JC 2, H1 Chemistry
Reviewed on 3-Nov-16
Tutor is friendly and able to teach well.
Tuition for O Level, Comb Chemistry
Reviewed on 11-Oct-16
We are very happy with Elaine’s service for our daughter. Elaine is focussed, patient and diligent in imparting her knowledge clearly. She demonstrated her knowledge of teaching Chemistry very well. We hope with her teaching, our daughter will be able to ace her Chemistry. Thank you for fielding her to us!
Mrs Chow
Tuition for JC2, H2 Chemistry
Reviewed on 31-Aug-16
Ms Teo is a very patient and experience tutor.Able to explain concept well
Tuition for N level, Combined Chem/Phys
Reviewed on 22-Aug-16
He is a patient teacher. Thank you for introducing good teacher for us.
Cao Li Juan
Tuition for Sec 3IP, Chemistry
Reviewed on 15-Aug-16

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