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Looking for experienced Chemistry tuition teachers?

To score in Chemistry, students need to understand the concepts, apply them to solve problems, and demonstrate an ability to observe, record, and interpret results in practical scenarios.

Tutors can help them construct mindmaps or notes to aid their learning and revise/explain Chemistry questions in past year papers or other school exam papers.

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Parents' Testimonials

Hi, Ms Ng Pek Ling is good at her subjects, hope it will help my daughter.
Janet Song
Tuition for Sec 3, A-Maths, Pure Physics & Chemistry
Reviewed on 5-Jul-17
Polite and patient. He is good..my son likes his teaching
Tuition for N level, Maths & Comb Chemistry & Biology
Reviewed on 27-Jun-17
I am still happy with your service esp. the last time you helped my Niece & introduced Ms. Neo to her. My niece did very well in her O level last year & we are very pleased with her results. I believe you have all the best tutor under your agency
Jenny Ong
Tuition for Sec 5, English, E-Math, Combined Physics/Chemistry
Reviewed on 1-Jun-17
Girl like her teaching method.
Esther Leow
Tuition for Sec 4 Express, SS&History(Combine), Chem&Phy(Combine), E&A Maths
Reviewed on 1-Jun-17
Karen ok for my Daughter
Tuition for O Level, Pure Chemistry
Reviewed on 29-May-17
My son is comfortable with Lalitha.
Tuition for Sec 4NA, E-Maths & Combined Chemistry & Physics.
Reviewed on 17-Apr-17
Feedback: Ms Desiree Tan is very good at teaching concepts to students. She is able to make sure that her student is able to understand what she is teaching through asking them to talk about the process of the concept which in turn helps the student to revise and internalise what is being taught. She is able to sum up a chapter in a single lesson and teach the key points which saves a lot of time; she teaches the skills as well as the application of the concepts and skills in questions based on Science and especially A Math. She is also understandable, out-going and easy to talk to and at the same time strict which contributes to the discipline of a student. Overall, it has been a good experience with Ms Desiree Tan and I do hope to continue my journey for my 'O' levels. I feel that she is able to help and support me. Her lessons are always something to look forward to, fun and easy to understand.
Ashley Wong
Tuition for Sec 4E, E & A Maths, Pure Biology, Pure Chemistry
Reviewed on 24-Mar-17
She is enthusiastic in her teaching and my daughter likes her lesson
Tuition for JC 1, H2 Chemistry & Biology
Reviewed on 8-Mar-17
Mr Lim is doing good job.
Tuition for Sec 4 IP/IB, Chemistry
Reviewed on 7-Mar-17
.my son like Mr Chin teach...thks for help
Esther Leow
Tuition for N level, Combined Chemistry & Physcis
Reviewed on 3-Mar-17


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