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Tutors for Tamil language will cover Comprehension, Composition, Writing techniques, Oral. For students who have a weak foundation in Tamil, or do not come from Tamil-speaking backgrounds, we have a number of skilled Tamil tutors who can help to tailor the teaching according to the students' needs.

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Parents' Testimonials

We are happy with Ms.Sivanangai, she is a cheerful teacher who understood out requirements quickly and is able to guide accordingly.
Venita martin
Tuition for Pri 3, Tamil
Reviewed on 3-Jan-17
She is a good tutor very focused and clear in wanting to achieve her objectives. I can already see the confidence my girls have in reading and writing tamil
Gowri N
Tuition for Pri 1 & 2 (2016), Tamil
Reviewed on 6-May-16
Tutor is very friendly and engaging. She is well equipped with the knowledge of the subject and gives sufficient homework and space for me to ask her doubts and questions. Thanks (:
Tuition for JC 2, H2 Tamil Literature
Reviewed on 16-Feb-16
And thank u for helping us get a wonderful tutor too ! She's very dedicated & approachable. And she's full of new ideas & concepts on her approach to composition writing. Highly recommended for others to seek her aid in Tamil.
Tuition for Pri 4, Tamil
Reviewed on 26-Oct-15
So far she is good tutor and my daughter is happy with her teaching..
Tuition for K2, Tamil, English, Maths
Reviewed on 13-Mar-17
We are happy with Ms Nalayani as a tutor & see improvements in our daughters' command of the language. Since the exams are 2 weeks away, we are hoping to have intensive lessons over the next 2 weeks. Ms Nalayani was very helpful coming for almost daily lessons prior to the oral exam.
Tuition for Pri 2, Tamil
Reviewed on 15-Feb-17
He's very good.
Ms Rifky
Tuition for O Level, Tamil
Reviewed on 6-Feb-17
Jayanthi is an engaging and patient tutor.
Tuition for K2, Tamil
Reviewed on 14-Jul-16
She is very professional.I am very satisfied.
Tuition for Pri 6, Tamil
Reviewed on 6-May-16
She is a good tutor who gets along well with my children and is able to impart her knowledge to them
Tuition for Pri 6, Tamil
Reviewed on 6-May-16


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