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What lessons are offered at Start Tuition agency?

  • Conversational English, Beginner Chinese
  • Foreign languages, like Japanese, French, Hind
  • Diploma and Degree modules
  • Music classes, like Piano, Guitar, Violin, etc
  • Computer Literacy, Programming
  • Professional certifications, like CFA, CPA, HSK
  • ... & others

Do the tutors provide materials for classes?

As most of these classes do not have fixed curriculum (unlike the academic exams like O Levels), the tutor will discuss the lesson requirements with the client to decide on the lesson plan, before recommending materials for the client to buy. If the tutor has materials which fits into the course structure, they may provide.

Start Tuition sources from more than 14000 teachers, ex-teachers, full-time tutors, undergraduate tutors to find someone who suits your requirements and budget. No obligations.

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Parents' Testimonials

Adult tuition: Rated 4.18 by 11 parents.
Nicholas is good for me
Tuition for Adult, English
Reviewed on 2-Jun-17
Nicia is a good tutor. We appreciate the conversational English tuition.
Christophe MARLIN
Tuition for Adult (2 person), English (Convestional)
Reviewed on 3-Mar-17
Hi for the time being I've no problem since she's only a couple of weeks with me Thanks
Tuition for Adult Intermediate, English
Reviewed on 16-Jan-17
Everything is going fine ^^. She is quite flexible with her teaching. So far I can feel that I've made progress.
Chua Jia Wei
Tuition for Beginner (adult), Japanese
Reviewed on 3-Jan-17
Tutor Ong Kim Hong has been very helpful and she is knowledgeable in what she is teaching. She's friendly and she makes me feel comfortable around her.
Tuition for Adult, CMFAS Exam Preparation
Reviewed on 16-Sep-16
I am happy with Sonia and I am improving each lesson, so thks to you, Vanessa.
Tuition for Adult Beginner, Conversational Hindi
Reviewed on 6-Sep-16
So far found her satisfactory.friendly and having good knowledge on her area of teaching..
Maruf Hossen
Tuition for Adult Beginner, Piano
Reviewed on 2-Aug-16
I am very please with your services and the teacher . Jenny still make progress for my English lesson .
may lee
Tuition for Intermediate Adult, English
Reviewed on 6-May-16
just wanna informed you that I just done 2nd session with Afif today :) he's good teacher.
Tuition for Adult Beginner, Microsoft Office (Words, PowerPoint, Excel)
Reviewed on 30-Dec-15
Isaac is a good tutor. I'm satisfied with our lesson.
Kim, Jiwoong
Tuition for Adult, English
Reviewed on 18-Nov-15


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