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What lessons are offered at Start Tuition agency?

  • Conversational English, Beginner Chinese
  • Foreign languages, like Japanese, French, Hind
  • Diploma and Degree modules
  • Music classes, like Piano, Guitar, Violin, etc
  • Computer Literacy, Programming
  • Professional certifications, like CFA, CPA, HSK
  • ... & others

Do the tutors provide materials for classes?

As most of these classes do not have fixed curriculum (unlike the academic exams like O Levels), the tutor will discuss the lesson requirements with the client to decide on the lesson plan, before recommending materials for the client to buy. If the tutor has materials which fits into the course structure, they may provide.

Start Tuition sources from more than 14000 teachers, ex-teachers, full-time tutors, undergraduate tutors to find someone who suits your requirements and budget. No obligations.

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Parents' Testimonials

Adult tuition: Rated 4.39 by 18 parents.
So far he seems very helpful .. him being an engineer is more helpful for me as well. As I planned to further my course he will be a good guide I guess .
Tony Shamesan
Tuition for Adult (O & A level), Math & Physics
Reviewed on 14-May-19
Tutor and agent perfect.
Romain Quivooij
Tuition for Adult GRE, Quantitative section
Reviewed on 14-Aug-18
my dad says so far it has been ok, need more time to tell the result
Tuition for Adult (Beginner level), English
Reviewed on 23-Jul-18
thank you for sending Ms Andrea down today, she is lovely and good !
Tuition for Adult, Advanced Conversational & Writing English
Reviewed on 19-Feb-18
Overall he's good and professional. Taught me many Mandarin words and explain it well. Highly recommended.
Jess Lee
Tuition for Adult, Mandarin
Reviewed on 31-Jan-18
ms Leong is really good
Eugene Wong
Tuition for Beginner (Adult), Malay (Behasa Melayu)
Reviewed on 2-Jan-18
I am really satisfied with this tutor. She has very good skill and kindness.
David Woo
Tuition for Adult, Basic Chinese, Intermediate English
Reviewed on 27-Nov-17
Teacher is being very helpful and patience in guiding me throughout the lesson. I understand well. She is very into details like the D sounds and the T sounds the Zhi and Zi, Chi and Ci. I enjoy my class. Now, i am able to recognise certain words and meaning. and i am able to write few words too. Thank you to start tution and to teacher jeannie too :)
Nur Azlin Amir
Tuition for Adult, Beginner Chinese
Reviewed on 23-Oct-17
Nicholas is good for me
Tuition for Adult, English
Reviewed on 2-Jun-17
Nicia is a good tutor. We appreciate the conversational English tuition.
Christophe MARLIN
Tuition for Adult (2 person), English (Convestional)
Reviewed on 3-Mar-17


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