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Looking for experienced Physics tuition teachers?

Physics serves as a basis for many branches of Science, from Astronomy to Chemistry to Bio-medical Science. Almost half of all students take Physics at O Levels.

What lessons are offered at Start Tuition agency?

  • Secondary 1 to 5 Combined Physics & Pure Physics tuition
  • JC H1 Physics & H2 Physics tuition
  • AP Physics, IB Diploma SL Physics & HL Physics, CBSE Physics, IGCSE Physics
  • Diploma or Degree for Physics-based modules, like Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics

How can tutors help students improve in Physics?

Besides the usual teaching of concepts, going through questions to reinforce and test understanding, tutors can help students construct mindmaps or create notes. By compiling them in an orderly way, it's easier to recall them when you need to. This is especially useful for visual learners.

There are some common areas in Physics that students struggle with, like Circuits, Momentum, EMF, Nuclear Physics. Teachers in school may not be able to go through them over and over again to clear all the questions in the students' mind. With 1-to-1 attention from the tutor, these topics can explored again and again with different types of questions.

Start Tuition sources from more than 15000 teachers, ex-teachers, full-time tutors, undergraduate tutors to find someone who suits your requirements and budget. No obligations.

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Primary, Secondary, JC, Diploma, Degree classes are available.

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Parents' Testimonials

Physics tuition: Rated 4.6 by 20 parents.
The teacher teaches my daughter very well and she likes her
Mdm Jess
Tuition for Sec 4NA, Combined Physics and Chemistry
Reviewed on 1-Apr-24
Dian is nice and is a good teacher
Jung Misun
Tuition for JC2 (2024), H2 Physics
Reviewed on 9-Jan-24
My son said he is okay with tutor Ms Ong. He didn't have much to add on, but he was not reluctant to attend lessons like in the past. Agent Jasmine is fast and responsive. Appreciate her help in sourcing for a tutor who meets our requirements.
Shann Lim
Tuition for Sec 3, Combined Chemistry & Physics, A-Math & E-Math
Reviewed on 14-Aug-23
Tutor Eric is very patient, friendly, approachable, flexible ( as he knows which subjects to focus on before the kid's exams), and one who provides parents updates on the kids progress. Agent Jace provides very detailed explanation on the tutor profile upon knowing my needs, clears my doubts on the queries I asked and manage to source a tutor that meets my needs
Tuition for Sec 3 Express, E Maths and Combined Chemistry+Physics
Reviewed on 14-Aug-23
Just to inform u his Science (phy and chem) improved tremendously ... WA1 he got U. Mid Year he got 2.
Tuition for Sec 3NA, Combined Physics & Chemistry
Reviewed on 31-May-23
Mr Thomas tuition is ok. I think he’s very reliable
Melanie Tan (Mrs Tan)
Tuition for Sec 3Express, Pure Physics
Reviewed on 29-May-23
The 1st lesson with Johnn went very well. My daughter can easily understand the way he teaches. Thank you for your recommendation.
Violet Foo
Tuition for Sec 4Express, Pure Chemistry, Physics & Biology
Reviewed on 17-May-23
Samuel doing a good job so far. He comes well prepared for the lessons and guide my boys with dedication and patience.
Mr Idris
Tuition for Sec 4NA (2 students), Combined Physics & Chemistry
Reviewed on 19-Jan-23
She was an extremely good teacher, We really like her recommend her 100%!
Tuition for Sec 3 (2022), Pure Biology, Physics, Chemistry
Reviewed on 3-Jan-23
We r happy with teacher Dian! My son likes her teaching method and she shares the progress report with the parents so it's visible what she is teaching. I'm happy with agent Jasmine too. She is responsive and gives me follow-up's time to time. It's a good manner when we r communicating virtually.
Tuition for Sec 3NA (2023), Combined Chemistry & Physics
Reviewed on 18-Nov-22

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Passion and Dedication

My son just had his review test in school and had great improvements”. "He is clear in his explanations". These are just some of many past parent feedback on Mr Tan JH. What is his teaching approach?

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Loving Science, Teaching Science – Hear from a Triple Science specialist

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