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Looking for experienced Maths tuition teachers?

Maths forms the foundation for other subjects like Sciences, Accounting etc, and is also fundamental in our everyday life. It's paramount to make sure students are able to approach the subject with a healthy mindset, and not in fear of it.

What lessons are offered at Start Tuition agency?

  • Primary 1 to 6 Standard Maths tuition & Foundation Maths tuition
  • Secondary 1 to 5 Maths, E-Maths, A-Maths tuition
  • JC H1 Maths & H2 Maths tuition
  • Polytechnic's PFP Maths tuition
  • Diploma or Degree modules, like Engineering Maths, Statistics
  • AP Maths, IB Diploma SL Maths & HL Maths, and other curriculum like CBSE & IGCSE
  • International students to prepare for AEIS
  • Preschool tuition

How will tutors conduct these Maths tuition classes?

Tutors need to assess the child's current standard in order to uncover their weak areas. Common challenges faced by students include heuristics problem solving, word problems, model drawing. Often, they also re-teach the topics that the students struggle with in school, if they do not understand them sufficiently to even start attempting questions. Thereafter, constant practice is often the key to improving.

Start Tuition sources from more than 14000 teachers, ex-teachers, full-time tutors, undergraduate tutors to find someone who suits your requirements and budget. No obligations.

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Parents' Testimonials

Maths tuition: Rated 4.51 by 399 parents.
she's quite nice
Tuition for Pri 2 (2017), English & Maths
Reviewed on 20-Oct-17
For the moment after a few lessons i feel that she is very gentle n patient
Serene Teo
Tuition for Pri 4 (2017), Maths & Science
Reviewed on 19-Oct-17
Thank you for your introduced Ms Ng for math tuition, my daughter likes her so much. ☺
Tuition for Pri 1 (2018), Maths
Reviewed on 11-Oct-17
My daughter likes Giselle n they seem to be getting along fine. So far so good
Tuition for Pri 5, Maths
Reviewed on 10-Oct-17
Teacher shereen is good!! She even brought her own props and they r so motivating to my boy. I was so glad that i didnt delay in engaging ur svc till next yr
Eliaz Lim Siew Ping
Tuition for Pri 1, Maths
Reviewed on 9-Oct-17
Joanne good. My daughter ok with her teaching
Richard Tang
Tuition for Sec 3E, A Maths
Reviewed on 9-Oct-17
Mr Lam teaching is fine
Venetia Yong
Tuition for Sec 1 (IP), Maths
Reviewed on 9-Oct-17
Jace we love the new tutor. She's awesome. She accesses him, and knows what to do next.
Mohammed Beg
Tuition for Primary AEIS, Maths
Reviewed on 6-Oct-17
My daughter seems to be satisfied with her new tutor. Thanks^^
Hannah Yoon
Tuition for Grade 4 AEIS, English & Maths
Reviewed on 4-Oct-17
My kids like her and enjoy her lessons, my young boy K1 learn sight words from her. He picks up pretty fast.
Apple Wong
Tuition for Pri 2, English & Maths
Reviewed on 3-Oct-17

What materials are used during tuition?

Assessment books, ten-year-series, past year exam papers, other school exam papers, are common materials for class.

What kind of tutors can we choose from?

Start Tuition offers tutor ranging from current Polytechnic or University students, Full-Time tutors (degree-holders or diploma-holders), and current MOE or ex MOE teachers.

As such, the rates differ, based on the type of tutor required and the level of experience the tutors has. When we discuss your requirements with you, you can share with us your budget range, or your child's current situation, for us to give some suggestions about what might work best for you.

Some tutors specialises in Maths only; some do a mixture of subjects like Maths + Science, or Maths + English.

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