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Looking for experienced English tuition teachers?

Being the main language of instruction in Singapore, English is fundamental in almost everything in school. While not all students have a good foundation in English , it is definitely possible to catch up and even exceed their own expectations. All it takes is perseverance and proper guidance.

What lessons are offered at Start Tuition agency?

  • Foundation English and Standard English tuition for Pri 1 to Sec 5
  • Creative Writing for Primary School and Secondary School students
  • JC H1 GP tuition
  • AP English, IB Diploma SL English, and other curriculum like IB Diploma, CBSE & IGCSE for International School students
  • English & Phonics for preschool children
  • Preparatory English classes for K2 students going to Pri 1
  • Adult Conversational English, Beginner English, Intermediate English classes

How will tutors conduct these English tuition classes?

Lessons cover all aspects that are tested in exams. This includes Grammar foundations, Vocabulary building, Comprehension, Composition, Creative Writing, Oral, Phonics (for the younger children).

For the advanced classes (e.g. JC GP), discussion of current affairs, advanced writing techniques & structures can also be covered.

Start Tuition sources from more than 15000 teachers, ex-teachers, full-time tutors, undergraduate tutors to find someone who suits your requirements and budget. No obligations.

Find your ideal home tutor from Start Tuition today!

Primary, Secondary, JC, Diploma, Degree classes are available.

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Parents' Testimonials

English tuition: Rated 4.44 by 585 parents.
Tutor Jaya is nice, helpful and very encouraging.
Tuition for Sec 2 AEIS, English and Maths
Reviewed on 20-May-24
Everything is going well between my son and Mr Kamarul.
A S M Zakir Hossain
Tuition for Pri 6, English, Math, Science
Reviewed on 10-May-24
Good. As far so good. Same pace as school syllabus
Mrs Loh
Tuition for Sec 3Express, English
Reviewed on 8-Apr-24
So far I'm happy with tutor Joey thank you
Tuition for 8 Years old, English (Reading & Writing)
Reviewed on 7-Mar-24
Good. Has patience and well prepared my son for English exam
Tuition for Sec 2NT, English
Reviewed on 6-Mar-24
Adeline is very good.
Mrs Lim
Tuition for Sec 1, G1 English
Reviewed on 26-Feb-24
Tutor & my girl are working well, my daughter enjoyed the lesson with tutor.
Tuition for Pri 6 (2024), English & Math
Reviewed on 5-Feb-24
He is very patient and encouraging tutor. He will find out my son's weakness and work out on it. Overall, my son enjoys his lesson and I hope under his help, my son will be more confident esp in his composition writing. Thanks for Jasmine's quick responsiveness in helping a suitable tutor according to my timing and budget.
Tuition for Pri 4, English
Reviewed on 23-Jan-24
Mdm Lim is good
Deepti Menon
Tuition for K2 (2024), English & Math
Reviewed on 19-Jan-24
Hi Jasmine, Everything seems good. Tutor is punctual and my daughter is able to communicate to her easily.
Tuition for Pri 6 (2024), English Maths Science
Reviewed on 13-Dec-23

Do tutors provide materials for tuition?

It depends. Tuition for the main school curriculum almost certainly require assessment books for practice. Parents should buy or tutors can recommend suitable ones based on the child's current standards and the parents reimburse. The more experienced tutors may provide worksheets, exam papers, sample essays, if they have.

My English is bad, but I want to improve. Can you help?

Yes! Depending on your need, we will recommend either Beginner English classes to work on the foundations (grammer, sentence structure, etc), or Intermediate English lessons if you already have the basics.

I have a friend who doesn't really understand English, but he wants to learn.

In this case, we will recommend a tutor who is conversant in a language he knows. Do let us know the languages that your friend knows, so that we can filter through on our end.

Also, most beginners often start off with conversational English classes, with some reading/writing taught. We recommend that you take up a 3-month course to reap the most out of your learning.

For Adult Conversational English or Beginner/Intermediate English classes, what do the tutors teach?

These classes are not bound by any curriculum requirements unlike PSLE or O Levels. Hence, the client and the tutor usually work together to identify learning objectives/goals.

For e.g. some clients are in Singapore for studies/work and so need to brush up on their general language skills. Or it could be for work purposes (report writing, business writing, etc). We've also worked with seniors who want to learn casual conversation skills (day-to-day greetings, chit-chat topics, etc) for personal improvements or to connect better with their grandchildren.

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