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Maximize Fun & Learning This School Holiday

The school holidays are a golden opportunity for family bonding and can be a wellspring of developmental milestones if navigated with creativity and enthusiasm. As parents, using this break effectively to engage with your children aged 6 to 16 years old can foster not only closer relationships but also encourage learning outside the classroom. Here’s how you can make the most out of the upcoming school holidays.


Week 1: Exploration Week

  1. Nature Trips: Start the holidays with a trip into nature. Whether it's hiking in a nearby park (check out Bishan Park, Jurong Lake Gardens), a day at the beach, or a simple picnic in the local garden (Botanic Gardens is a great spot), these activities are fantastic for all ages and promote physical health along with an appreciation for the environment. Tailor the difficulty of activities to suit the age and fitness level of your children.
  2. Museum Tours: Plan visits to museums that offer interactive exhibits. Children’s Museum Singapore is dedicated to kids 12 years old and below and feature many installations and exhibitions to engage children in joyful learning. Other museums like National Museum of Singapore and Singapore SCience Centre all have sections with hands-on activities to make learning and discovery fun and engaging for younger children and intellectually stimulating for teens.

    Week 2: Learning and Creativity

    1. Cooking Classes: Organize a family cooking day where each member is responsible for a part of the meal. This is not only a great way to teach practical skills like cooking but also concepts like fractions and chemistry through baking.
    2. DIY Projects: Engage in do-it-yourself projects. This could be as simple as building a windchime or more complex like a home science project. The act of creating something from scratch enhances problem-solving skills and sparks creativity.

      Week 3: Sports and Teamwork

      1. Team Sports: Enroll the family in a simple sports/games. Whether it’s soccer, swimming, or a simple game of frisbee in the park, sports teach valuable lessons in teamwork and resilience. Even better, take part in some of the holiday activities hosted by your respective Community Centres or Resident Centres and get to socialise with people of similar ages and interests.
      2. Treasure Hunts & Escape Rooms: Organize a treasure hunt with clues that require problem-solving skills and teamwork to solve. Or go for escape rooms that are kid-friendly and professionally hosted. These can be an exciting adventure that gets everyone working together, combining physical and mental challenges.


      Week 4: Reading and Reflection

      1. Reading Hours: Throughout the month, set aside time for reading. This could be reading aloud to younger children or setting up a family book club where everyone reads the same book and discusses it. At the end of the holidays, everyone can discuss the books and share their thoughts and what they've learnt. This promotes literacy and critical thinking.
      2. Reflective Journals: Encourage your children to keep a journal of their holiday experiences. This not only helps in improving writing skills but also offers a tool for reflection on their learning throughout the holidays.


      Closing Thoughts

      The school holidays offer a rich canvas to paint lasting family memories while encouraging continual learning in diverse and playful ways. By planning a balance of fun and educational activities, you are not only keeping your children engaged but also strengthening familial ties. Each week of the holidays can be themed to keep the excitement alive and make every moment count. Enjoy the journey of exploration, creativity, teamwork, and learning as you spend this precious time together.

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