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Tips to Manage Exam Stress

It's April, which means the mid-year exams are around the corner. This brings about a heightened sense of stress and anxiety for your child. Managing your child's stress during this period will also allow you to manage yours effectively! Here are some tips on how to do so:


#1 – Help your Child Study

Helping your child achieve clarity and study efficiently will greatly alleviate their stress. You can start by planning a study schedule. Talk to your child to find out which topics they require more practice on and help them prioritise these topics. This allows them to slowly gain more confidence in the areas they struggle with.

Remember to plan breaks too! Studies show that regular breaks help students retain information better and significantly reduces stress.


#2 – Talk to your Child

Providing a listening ear to your child provides them an avenue to blow off steam. It is equally important to listen as it is to share advice. Listening allows your kids to share their troubles without worry. It signals to them that you are here to listen to problems they face. Talking to your kids also allows you to learn more about their causes of anxiety and stress. This would be a good opportunity to share with your child how stress is normal and felt by everyone. It is a normal reaction to the uncertainty exams bring about – what’s important is managing it.


#3 – Spend Quality time with your Child

An occasional break allows your child to have a much-needed breather from studying. As shared above, breaks help children study more effectively! Visit the park or go out for ice cream. This allows them to take their mind off work and provides a positive distraction in a period of immense stress. Bring them out for a walk! Or a run! Exercise helps boost serotonin levels in our brain that enhances our mood and well-being. This also provides the perfect bonding opportunity for you and your child.


#4 – Sleep is King

The exam period often means late-night memorising, practising, or as we say, 'mugging'. This often leads to reduced sleep and a disrupted sleep cycle. The lack of sleep is a major factor for stress and eventual burn-out. So, ensuring a good amount of sleep allows your kids to get the much-needed rest. 8 hours of sleep a day does the trick and leaves your child revitalised and ready to take on the day!


#5 – Stay Calm

This isn't a tip for your child but you! Children are easily affected by your behaviour so, when you stress, your kids stress too! It is important to manage your stress efficiently so that it does not exert undue pressure on your child. It might also be helpful to share with your child that if things go south or if they underperform, there are other opportunities and exams in the future. Often children feel stressed due to the fear of disappointing those important to them, like you, so talking and rationalising disappointment helps go a long way. After all, education is a marathon not a sprint!


Trying these strategies out and you can look forward to more efficiently managing your child's exam stress! These tips go a long way beyond school life too!

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