October 2017 – Blog
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Chrysanthemum Tea with Wolfberry & Red Dates

Chrysanthemum Tea with Wolfberry & Red Dates for 2 litres of water 25g-30g of dried chrysanthemum (rinsed) 1 handful of dried wolfberries (rinsed) 10-12 red dates rock sugar (optional as red dates are already sweet) Directions 1) put the dried chrysanthemum, red dates, and water into a pot and boil then reduce the heat to […]

How does a tuition agency work?

I am sure some of you might ask, “What exactly is a tuition agency?” There are many kinds of tuition service offered in the market. One type of tuition service is home tuition, also known as private tuition. They specialize in providing one-to-one tuition classes and group tuition services, by assisting parents to look for […]

Activities for the Holidays

Fun Activities for the Holidays

To all students and parents, congratulations for getting through the tough exam period! Take a well-deserved break now. Here are some recommended activities for you to do in this period! (1) Spend some quality time with your family and friends Have you been neglecting your family and friends as you prepare for the exams? Now […]