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Word Search Puzzle - Happy

9 words to replace "happy" in your composition. Make your writing more descriptive by using more appropriate and varied words - find them!

Tags: English  For Students  Puzzles 

Crossword Puzzle - Pri 6 Level

8 words from Pri 6 Vocabulary Lists - can you solve them all?

Tags: English  For Students  Puzzles 

Tips to Develop Good Reading Habits

Reading is an extremely beneficial habit to cultivate from young, helping the children build a better English foundation, develop creativity and imagination, strengthen patience and attention span, and more. How do you foster the right conditions to develop this habit in them?

Tags: English  For Parents  For Students  Preschool  Primary  Study Tips 

How To Improve Your Performance On The Actual Exam Day

You've done all the needed preparations, made all the notes, crammed all the formulas. How do you make sure you can deliver on the actual exam day?

Tags: A Level  Exam Tips  For Parents  For Students  JC  N Level  O Level  Primary  PSLE  Secondary  Study Tips 

Tips to Manage Exam Stress

Managing your child's stress during this exam period with some of these tried and tested tips.

Tags: Exam Tips  For Parents  For Students  Study Tips 

Helping your children discover their passion

Passion – a big word that stumbles even us adults. Sometimes, having something passionate about is transformational. How then could we help our children discover this very passion in life for them to nurture and develop?

Tags: For Parents 

Supporting your teen through school

As your child progresses through the school years, the increasing academic demands, social pressures and other obligations like CCAs or other achievements can be quite challenging. How do you help them navigate through these tough yet exhilarating years?

Tags: For Parents  For Students  JC  Secondary 

Get your child motivated!

Is your child unmotivated and disinterested in the work or tasks that they are asked to do? Are you at your wits' end? We have some suggestions on how to improve the situation

Tags: For Parents 

How To Have A More Productive Holiday

Tags: For Parents  For Students  Study Tips 

Never a dull moment in Clarissa's classes

From a Taekwondo black belt to an early childhood tutor, Ms Clarissa is highly-recommended by her students' parents. Here, she shares her experience candidly and offers her own tips on educating young

Tags: For Parents  Preschool  Tutor Spotlight