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How To Have A More Productive Tuition Session

Tuition has become an integral part of students’ everyday life as almost every student in Singapore is having at least 1 tuition session each week. It is true that tuition can actually help students to improve their results, but the tuition sessions must be conducted in a more efficient way in order to yield performance. […]

Planning Revision Schedule for Exams

Planning a schedule for revision is necessary, even crucial. A good schedule can allow you to pace your revision and adhere to progress effectively. This is especially true if you have a study break and a good schedule allows you to fully utilise your time and reduce any stress as you will be studying progressively […]

Strategies for Revision for Exams

When exams are round the corner, students may feel lost as they do not know how to start their revision. This results in unnecessary stress and anxiety. There are some strategies in planning for revision, so as to better prepare for exams, and not just academically, but also physically and mentally, too. We shall look […]

Tips to do well for Maths (IV) – Tackling Exams

Students may feel that they have done their revisions, and they could score rather well in school tests. However, when it comes to actual exams, like End of Year Exam, Prelims, PSLE, N, O & even A Levels, results are often less than satisfactory. Why is this so? There are a few reasons that students […]

Tips To Do Well For Maths (III) – E Maths Questions

In this article, we will take a look at how to interpret the questions for Secondary School Maths, in particular, Elementary Mathematics. Maths has changed from heuristics in PSLE to more systematic and analytic in secondary. More often than not, difficulty in maths occurs in interpreting and understanding the questions, rather than the methods. Let […]

Tips To Do Well For Maths (II) – PSLE Problem Sums

In the previous article, we have discussed some tips on the ways to face maths. In this article, we will take a look at how to interpret the questions. I would liken maths to be similar to a language, such as English. The essential thing is to convert the words into mathematical notations and representations […]

Tips To Do Well For Maths (I)

Maths is ALWAYS dreaded by many students, as there seems to be endless formulae to memorise and even more work to do. Many find that despite the efforts put in, it seems impossible to improve the grades.   Some would say that in order to do well for maths, there are just 2 rules: Follow […]

Tips to do well in English – Comprehension

Comprehension has always been a daunting task for all levels, from primary school to junior college. Many students have trouble understanding the passage given, and as a result, experience much difficulties in answering the questions that follow.   To do well in comprehension is not easy, as this section requires students to be able to […]

Tips to do well in English (III) – Planning Your Essays

Many students have faced difficulties writing essays during examinations, as they find that there is very little to write given the short time of approximately 1 hour. To be honest, in one short hour, to meet the word count, provide adequate content and to ensure the fluidity of the essay all at once is VERY […]

Tips to Do Well in Your English (II) – Increasing Word Count for Essays

There are generally three main components in English examinations in Singapore: Oral, Composition and Comprehension. These three parts form the bulk of the entire English examination, whether taken at PSLE, O Level or A Level. These sections require students to understand the contexts involved in the questions before answering them accordingly.   We have covered […]