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Choosing The Right Tutor

Unlike tuition centre, tuition agency provides you the benefit of finding a suitable tutor for your child. If you were to take home tuition, you would have the final say in the choice of tutor. However, other issues arise: how to choose the right tutor? There are quite a few factors to consider – familiarity of the school syllabus, budget, tutor’s experience, resources for worksheets & exercises and timing flexibility.


Hence, to ease your dilemma, we have grouped home tutors into three main categories based on the various factors. The three types of tutor service we offer are: 1) Current school teachers and Ex-school teachers, 2) Full time and Part time private tutors, 3) Current student tutors.


First, we have Current school and Ex-school teachers from MOE and independent schools. Among all these tutor types, they are the most experienced. Tutors under this category are always in demand, because besides their qualifications, they possess both school teaching and tutoring experience. As they are NIE-trained, they are well versed with the latest syllabus and the format for the exam paper. Hence, their rates are the usually highest as compared to the other 2 categories. With a full-time job, their available time slots for tuition are often limited. For Ex-school teachers, they are teachers who have left MOE. With that being said, Ex school teachers tend to have more time slots available for home tuition.


Next, we have full time & part time private tutors. Full time tutors give tuition as full time career, thus, they usually have the most private tutoring experience. Most full-time tutors have at least several years of experience giving private tuition. As such, they are good at delivering lessons and are kept up to date with the school syllabus. This group of tutors are popular among the parents as they can commit to the tuition with little disruption. For part time tutors, they are often either recent graduates or someone who have full time job currently. Some part time tutors may not have much experience as compared to the full-time tutors. Having said that, some part time tutors actually have accumulated years of tutoring experience as they started their tutoring career early while still schooling.


Moving on, the third category of tutor type is student tutors. Undergraduates and Diploma students fall under this category. Generally, student tutors have less teaching experience than full-time tutors and MOE teachers. As they lack experience, they often teach based on their knowledge of the subject matter. Student tutors are less costly and usually charge rates that are more suited to the budget conscious. As tutors under this category are still schooling, they may be unavailable during their examination periods or project work submission. Even though they may not be familiar with the school syllabus, their age is generally closer to students, making it easier for them to relate to the students and provide advice from the students’ point of view.


All tutors we offer at Start Tuition are verified and have proven academic track records. As a tuition agency, Start Tuition is dedicated to matching tutors according to your needs. We ensure that all tutors are committed in providing quality tutoring services for your child.