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Good Ways to Enrich Your School Holidays

Previously, we have discussed how to make your school holiday more productive and going for enrichment courses is one example. In this entry, we shall look in depth at some courses or hobbies that you can take up to spend your holidays in a more fruitful way, and further develop your inner self for later stages of life.

#1 – Learn A Musical Instrument

Music opens the door to the heart and unites many people in such a way that few things can match. However, I believe that music can do even more. By learning a musical instrument, you can immerse yourself in a world of beautiful sounds and this can relax your mind and body as you play your favourite tunes. Furthermore, your hand-eye coordination skills can become better when you practise. This may also boost your creative juices as you may progress to writing your own music. All these can aid you in your academics as well, in an intangible way. Learning to play an instrument also improves your focus and concentration, which can be very helpful in school. Start Tuition offers learning musical instruments at the comfort of your home, so check it out!

#2 – Doing Sports

Doing sports (for example soccer, basketball, badminton, tennis, etc) helps to maintain a healthier lifestyle. It improves your psychomotor skills, stamina and even blood circulation. This helps you in your academics greatly as you will feel more energetic and thus can accomplish more school work efficiently. Besides the more tangible benefits sports bring, there are also intangible benefits. Doing sports as a groups fosters relationship among family members and friends, improving on your communication skills and teamwork in the process.

#3 – Learning A New Language/Skill

Learning a new skill greatly enhances your personal development and can even broaden your career horizons in the future! A new language learnt not only helps you to communicate with locals when you are travelling overseas, but also allows your future company to consider you for overseas deployment. Likewise, learning a new skill (for example computer programming, translation, accounting, etc) allows you to stand out among your peers when it comes to job application. So start young and learn a new skill. Check out the language courses and IT Programming by Start Tuition!

Having said that, the primary focus for student now is still your academics. Do not neglect your studies during the holidays as you may become rusty and unable to catch up next year. Take the initiative to strengthen your subjects during the holidays while taking up new hobbies/courses. Make use of the holidays to hone your subjects well. At Start Tuition, we have a whole range of tutors to suit your needs!

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