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Helping your children discover their passion

Passion – a big word that stumbles even us adults. Often, passion is equated to finding your purpose in life. Or like the movie 'Soul', your passion helps you find your spark in life and excitement in living. Sometimes, having something passionate about is transformational. How then could we help our children discover this very passion in life for them to nurture and develop?

#1 – Be their Cheerleader

An important part of parenting is to observe your child: listen to them speak and watch them take on different activities. Through this, you can identify what motivates your child. Every child has their own interests - things they like to do, and they rarely get bored of. Be open-minded and supportive while talking to your kids about what makes them happy. You could discuss their school day, CCA, the news, the drama they’re watching, anything - what did they think of it, and why does it make them feel that way?

Of course, as kids grow, these perspectives and opinions change. But the key here is to be able to sieve out the inner thoughts of your child and then encourage them to explore possibilities and opportunities to grow their happiness and sense of satisfaction.

#2 – Try various activities

The best way to facilitate that discovery is to continually expose them to different activities. Try out different sports or instruments through trial classes, watch different types of concerts or plays on YouTube, visit different places of interest. The objective is to provide your child with a wide range of experiences in varied areas to allow them to discover their interests.

#3 – Challenge your child!

When your child already has a budding interest in something, don't stop there! As your child matures, it's likely their interests do too. They may find interest in activities they may not have taken well to in the past. Or they're mostly having fun at the same level. You could challenge them to take on different tasks and opportunities, or, higher level courses or classes. Being passionate isn't only about doing what you are good at; it is also about challenging yourself to deepen your skills and abilities over time!

#4 –  Your Passion are yours

Most of us have unfulfilled dreams, small or big ones, and it is often tempting to see our children fulfill them instead. However, it is important to remind yourself that your child, no matter how similar, is ultimately different from you. They have different interests. Imposing your passions on them can be stressful for them. Instead, focus on their desires and help them grow!

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