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How To Improve Your Performance On The Actual Exam Day

You may have gone through all the revisions, made all the necessary notes and done whatever you can to get ready for the actual examination. However, the only performance that matters is the one on the actual day when you are actually sitting for the exam! So how should you prepare yourself for the actual day? Here are some tips for you to improve your performance on that day:

#1 – Rest Well (The Night Before)

It is vital that you have a clear mind to tackle the exam questions so that you can answer them coherently and not misinterpret them. Thus having a good night’s sleep is crucial to a clear mind the next day. Do not fret over some part of the revision that you may have missed as the bulk of the revision should have been completed beforehand (you may wish to look at our strategies for revision & how to plan revision schedules). Let your mind have a good rest so that it can stay sharp the next day.


#2 – Have A Good Breakfast

Without fuel, there can be no fire. Similarly, if the brain does not have the necessary nutrients and fuel, it will not be able to perform well during exams and students may be unable to recall important concepts during this crucial time. You can refer to our recipes for some ideas. Remember! Have a good meal, not heavy meal! A heavy meal is counter effective as more blood is diverted to the digestive system for digestion, reducing blood flow to the brain.

#3 – Arrive At The Exam Hall Earlier

Plan your travel carefully so that you can have time for breakfast and then reach your exam hall about 30 minutes before the commencement. This is to reduce the stress of rushing and preventing yourself from feeling flustered and agitated before the exam starts. When you are more relaxed, you can perform better!

#4 – Do Not Study/Ask Questions Just Before Exam Starts

Many students like to do last-minute revision just before entering the exam hall, but this is actually causing students more stress! All the doubts that suddenly pop out are usually left unanswered as the student may not be able to find any teachers around to clear their doubts, resulting in greater anxiety and hence having a bad start to the exam. For the 15 to 30 minutes just before entering the exam hall, students should just relax their minds and refrain from looking at their notes again. Take deep breaths and try to meditate to clear the mind, calming the brain and keeping it sharp for the upcoming paper.

So, with these tips in mind, you can look forward to a more relaxed state of mind to tackle your exams with more confidence! In fact, this is also beneficial for other challenges, like going for interviews and presentations!

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