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Tips To Improve Concentration For Kids

Many parents usually find that it is almost impossible to get their kids to sit still and finish their homework. They will often fidget, or find excuses frequently to get away from the study table. It is definitely extremely difficult and exasperating to sit down and concentrate on their tuition or even homework. Here are some tips to improve their concentration and attention span.

#1 – Reduce gadget use

Research has actually shown that prolonged use of gadgets like smart phones, tablets and computers, especially for watching videos and playing video games, will lower concentration and attention span. This is due to receiving information passively. Instead, parents should encourage the following:

  • Brain games

Many may find this old school, but games like crossword puzzles, Jenga, chess are beneficial as they improve brain activity and attention span. By allowing more thinking during these games, children improve on their concentration!

  • Parent-child project

Doing a task together like cooking a new dish from a recipe, or putting together furniture just bought from IKEA not only improves parent-child bonding, but also allows children to follow a set of sequences to achieve a task, and trains them to be focused on the way.

#2 – Schedule activities

By giving a child a fixed schedule to follow for the day, this allows him/her to learn to be organised. In this way, the child will know when is the time to study and when to play. As a result, he/she can focus on the current activity on hand and this improves his/her concentration. Having breaks in between activities will also allow the child to stay focused for the next activity.

#3 – Knowing your child’s type of learning

Different children learn things differently; some are more visual while others may be more auditory. Learn about the different types of learners here! By knowing which type of learner your child is, you can help them to learn in the most appropriate way and he/she will find learning less tedious. Being able to absorb knowledge more quickly allows the child to like learning better, thus improving concentration and attention span.

#4 – Eating the right food

Having the right nutrients allows proper brain development. A balanced, healthy diet can improve a child’s concentration as such food contain important nutrients like Omega-3. Avoid junk food and sugar-rich food as these actually make children more lethargic, lowering their attention span. Learn about brain food here!

Try these tips to see improvements in your child's concentration and better performance at school!

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