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Tuition Centre or Tuition Agency – Which is Better?

At popular sushi joints, customers are allowed to choose the various ingredients that go into their sushi rolls and thus the price they pay. In contrast, at supermarkets, customers pick up pre-made sushi rolls that already have a price attached. Similarly, Tuition Agencies offer parents the flexibility to decide what they want for their child while at Tuition Centres, parents accept what they are offered.


Tuition Agencies connect parents to tutors that meet their requests (and vice versa) while Tuition Centres are places where students attend classes under the tutors working there. Tuition arranged for by Tuition Agencies is private while Tuition Centres offer group tuition.


Since Tuition Centres offer group tuition, students may meet new friends and possibly study buddies that they can revise with. This may make tuition classes more enjoyable and the added motivation that their companionship provides may spur a student on and thus be beneficial. Also, tuition fees are likely to be cheaper at Tuition Centres than Tuition Agencies. However, group tuition is much like classes in school. Although the general class size is smaller, students may be distracted by their peers and the tutor’s attention is spread out over all the students in the class.


In contrast, with Tuition Agencies parents can hire private tutors for their children. This ensures that the tutor focuses solely on one student and can thus fine-tune his lesson to specifically meet the needs of that particular student. Although tuition fees are generally higher when hiring private tutors, parents will have the option of hiring tutors at lower rates through Tuition Agencies. These tutors who ask for lower rates are likely to have less impressive qualifications (for example, A level graduates or Diploma holders). Yet, they may be equally as effective if passionate about their job.


Another pro of Tuition Agencies is that a parent may choose to discontinue tuition lessons if he is unsatisfied with the tutor’s tutelage without having to forfeit any amount of payment made before. Parents may then search for another tutor who better meets their needs. This is unlike Tuition Centres where a lump sum is paid when signing up for classes.


Private tutoring arranged via Tuition Agencies is also likely to be more flexible time wise as the arrangements are made between tutor and customer. In comparison, students have to match the timing arranged by Tuition Centres if signing up there. Private tuition can also be arranged for at the student’s home so they can be more comfortable when learning.


In conclusion, Tuition Agencies are better than Tuition Centres in my opinion for the former offers much more flexibility and is one-to-one. Be that as it may, a Tuition Centre may still better fit the needs of some. At the end of the day, be it Tuition Agency or Tuition Centre, Maki san or Fairprice, tuition is tuition and sushi is sushi. Whichever benefits a student more and whichever a customer enjoys more should be the one that is picked.

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