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What parents can do to support their child during the exam period?

Today, tuition is no longer targeted at the students only – parents are having tuition as well. Have you heard from the recent news released by Straits Times? Tuition for parents is currently a rising trend in the tuition industry. Parents are now attending crash courses to get themselves familiar with the school syllabus. Through these workshops, they could now help their child with their studies. The lessons equip the parents with the necessary knowledge and skills to guide and provide the child with the support they need. During the workshops, the instructor would share important concepts and useful strategies to tackle the exam questions that are likely to come out for exams. You might be thinking, “Well, how should I get started?”


With the knowledge you have gained, you would be able to coach your kids and prepare them for their exams. Usually, tests and mid exam papers for primary and secondary school are returned to the students for them to use as part of their revision for their final exam. You should take this opportunity to go through the paper and identify common mistakes your child made in their mid-exam papers and test papers. Spot the topics that your child is weak in and put in more effort on the weaker topics without neglecting the rest.


Past year paper is perhaps one of the most effective way to prepare your child for their exams. Depending on the school, some teachers would give past year papers as homework for students to practise. Exam papers are different from school workbook, whereby the questions are set to be much more challenging. It will be great if you could offer guidance to help your child with questions that they are unable to solve and clear their doubts on concepts that they do not understand. After going through the questions with them, let your child try out similar questions to make sure that they are familiar with the concepts.


Another factor to take note would be time management. Due to time constraint, a handful of students did not complete the exam paper within the allotted time. Now that you are familiar with the marks allocation and the examination format, time your child to make sure that they can complete the past year paper under exam condition. It is true that the main priority for students is to understand the concepts well so that they would be able to answer the questions correctly. However, it is equally important to manage their time effectively by allocating a time limit for each question. It will be a waste if students are able to solve the questions, but are unable to attempt some of them just because they spent too much time on other questions.


Besides offering guidance, attending these courses is a way to upgrade yourself. As the saying goes, “learning is an ongoing process throughout your life.” If you are interested, you could make a request for such classes from our tuition agency, and we would make the arrangement for you.

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