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Pri 6 English Online class

Cher Online
From 1 hour per week    Online
English Primary Tuition
Special Offer
Quote STA to get *free 2 trial lessons, & *20% off programme fee.

The Primary 6 curriculum begins with a crash course in composition writing, which is often considered by parents and students alike to be the toughest place to score. We take students through a writing module that equips them with tips and tricks to improve their compositions in small, manageable ways. The core topic of each lesson serves as the focus for related activities and learning points for other parts of the English examination paper, with plenty of opportunities for revision at every step of the way.

Our CHERRR Oral module helps boost students’ confidence by familiarising students with the exam format and teaching them techniques for both reading and stimulus-based conversation.

All our tutors are ex-MOE teachers with years of experience teaching in schools and writing curricula. They will help motivate your child to do better in school, and provide their expert guidance for better exam performance!

3 types of Plans are available:

1) Standard Plan (1-hour live lesson):
During these weekly lessons, teachers will introduce new subject topics or question components. Your child will receive comprehensive notes detailing each important concept, aiding in learning and revision.

2) Premium Plan (1-hour live lesson + 1-hour small-group tutorial):
Besides live lessons, we have 1-hour weekly tutorials where concepts are further broken down and applied to each question type. With a maximum of 8 students per class, teachers can guide your child more closely in applying his/her knowledge and achieving content mastery.

3) Guaranteed Plan (1-hour live lesson + 1-hour small-group tutorial + 1-1 class):
If your child needs further support in a specific subject, we offer additional 30-minute classes every week. These 1-to-1 classes allow for your child to have direct, uninterrupted guidance from his/her teacher. With a total of 2.5 hours per week, your child will definitely master the subject for improved academic performance!

Lesson Costs:
For 12 lessons (1 term),
Standard Plan: $120
Premium Plan: $480
Guaranteed Plan: $1200

Material Costs:

Trial Lessons:
Each student can get 2 free trial classes, max 1 per subject.

Online payment at the beginning of 1 Term, 2 Terms or 4 Terms (1 year).

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Other Comments

This class is provided by an external Education Provider. It is at their discretion to accept bookings.
By providing your details, you consent to be contacted by us and the Provider on your request.
In the event of any discrepancies between the information herein & the Provider's offering, the Provider's version will prevail.

We only allow a certain number of reschedules. Rest assured that students will be able to replay the lessons on their own time through the ClassIn application.
Restricted to two (2) rescheduling of classes per CHER Online Term. Reschedules are not transferable across subjects. Transfers will only be approved if absolutely necessary, and considered on a case-by-case basis.
If all available dates/times for a subject clash with school activities once they are resumed, rescheduling is possible, on a case-by-case basis, to be discussed with the centre when this happens.

CHER Online reserves the right to their no refund policy.

Other Information:
For classes on Public Holidays, CHER Online will arrange for reschedule or access to recorded lessons.

About the Education Provider:
At CHER Online, we believe the future of the classroom is online. Our online lessons will change the way we think about schooling and learning. It will be transformational for our children. They will learn and master subjects like never before.
Students from all walks of life can attend our online classes and gain access to resources to excel in their studies. We create group and individual learning spaces for our students to excel, where they can learn anytime and anywhere.