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Date ID Requirements Status
14-Jun-19 A32060639WG Home tuition for K2 English, Phonics at Blk 486 Admiralty Link, near Endeavours Pri, bus 962
Schedule: Once a week, 1hr - 1.5hrs
Rate: $20-30/hr
Open & Available.
Apply here.
12-Jun-19 A82058142HQ Home tuition for K2 Phonics & Maths at Jalan Pari Burong, Simpang Bedok, along Upper Changi Rd, bus 2 9 10 48
Schedule: Once a week, 1.5 hrs
Rate: $25/hr
Open & Available.
Apply here.
11-Jun-19 A42057089KO Home tuition for K1 (5 year old) Maths at Yishun area
Schedule: Once per week, 1 hr
Rate: $15-20/h
Open & Available.
Apply here.
10-Jun-19 A12052225RB Home tuition for K1 Chinese at Blk 265B Punggol Way, along Punggol Central. Beside Soo Teck LRT & Opp Punngol MRT
Schedule: Once a week, 1hr-1.5hrs
Rate: Pls quote
Open & Available.
Apply here.
07-Jun-19 A82050336YQ Home tuition for K2 & N2 English Reading at Blk 247 Tampines Street 21, beside Tampines MRT, Interchange
Schedule: Twice per week, 2 hr (1 hr each)
Rate: $10/h nego
Open & Available.
Apply here.
29-May-19 A32030700DI Home tuition for K2 Chinese at Blk 265E Compassvale Bow, bus 80 82 87 88 89 119
Schedule: Once a week, 1-1.5hrs
Rate: $25-30/hr
Open & Available.
Apply here.
22-May-19 A42008507RA Home tuition for K1 & K2 English & Writing at Pasir Ris Road, along Elias Rd. Nearest Bus Stop-Bus 403.
Schedule: 2 times a week, 1.5 hrs (45 mins per student)
Rate: $30-45/hr
Open & Available.
Apply here.
13-May-19 A81997176ON Home tuition for K2 English + Maths / Chinese at Bayshore area, off Upper East Coast RD
Schedule: Once a week (each subject), 1hr
Rate: $20/hr or pls quote
Open & Available.
Apply here.