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Tuition assignments in Jurong East

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Date ID Requirements Status
14-Jun-19 A52061219FW Home tuition for Pri 1 English, Phonics at Blk 56 Teban Gardens Road, West Coast, bus 79 143 201
Schedule: Once a week, 1hr - 1.5hrs
Rate: $20-25/hr
Open & Available.
Apply here.
13-Jun-19 A32059342LR Home tuition for Pri 6 Maths at Blk 313 Jurong East St 32, near Jurong Pri, bus 333
Schedule: Once a week, 1.5 hrs
Rate: pls quote
Open & Available.
Apply here.
31-May-19 A62034034XB Home tuition for Sec 3 History + Social Studies at Blk 107 Jurong East Street 13, near Fuhua Pri, Yuhua CC, along Boon Lay Way, bus 41 49 52 99 105 160 183 334 506
Schedule: Once per week, 2 hr
Rate: $30-40/hr
Open & Available.
Apply here.
24-May-19 A82020776MO Home tuition for Pri 4 Maths at Blk 57 Teban Gardens Rd, bus 30 78 79 143 201
Schedule: Once per week, 1.5 hrs
Rate: $40-60/h
Open & Available.
Apply here.