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Sec 3/4 O Level Biology programme

Total 6 sessions, from 29 Nov to 4 Dec.    
6.30pm to 9.00pm (2.5 hours) on all 6 days.    
Classroom teaching, in-person, at Kovan area.
Biology O Level Secondary

Suitable for:
Sec 2 going Sec 3 students, and, Sec 3 going Sec 4 students

Max class size:
Maximum 5.

Workshop Details:
The 6-day workshop covers all Sec 3 topics for the O Level syllabus, for both Pure Biology & Combined Biology. It serves as a headstart programme for Sec 2s (going to Sec 3 in 2022) and a intensive recap/revision programme for Sec 3s (going to Sec 4 in 2022):

Day 1 covers Cells and Enzymes
Day 2 covers Nutrition in Humans and Nutrition in Plants
Day 3 covers Transport in Humans
Day 4 covers Transport in Plants
Day 5 covers Respiration in Humans
Day 6 covers Excretion in Humans and Homeostasis

Students can sign up for certain sessions only to target weaker topics.

Tutor is able to conduct the programme on a 1-to-1 basis, upon request.

Trainer Description:
Mr Heng is an undergraduate tutor who got an A1 for O Level Biology and A for A Level biology. He has cultivated extensive experience in lesson delivery to groups, and is able to deliver lesson material effectively such that students leave his classes with a deep understanding of the subject matter.

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Other Comments

This workshop is provided by an external Education Provider. It is at their discretion to accept bookings.
By providing your details, you consent to be contacted by us and the Provider on your request.
In the event of any discrepancies between the information herein & the Provider's offering, the Provider's version will prevail.

Lesson Costs:
$350 per workshop (approximately $23.33 per hour).

Material Costs:
Free. All materials (notes, prelim practice questions, ten year series) provided

Participants are to pay the workshop fees to Start Tuition to reserve your place.

Other Information:
Prevailing social distancing measures will be adhered to strictly.
Students will have 1-metre spacing maintained between them.
Students will have to be vaccinated. Centre will conduct temperature checks and set up SafeEntry as well.
The tutor will also take an ART test prior to commencement of the programme.