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How To Improve Your Performance On The Actual Exam Day

You may have gone through all the revisions, made all the necessary notes and done whatever you can to get ready for the actual examination. Your most important performance is the one on the actual day while sitting for the exam. What are the best ways to prepare yourself before your exam?

#1 – Rest Well the night before

It is vital that you have a clear mind to tackle the exam questions in order to interpret them correct and answer them coherently. A lack of quality sleep can cloud your mind and impact your memory and cognitive abilities.

Trying to cram more points the night before? It can backfire! There may be topics or formulae that you have missed or can't remember well yet, but sacrificing rest for that may undo the revision that you have already mastered.

Get your quality 7 hours of sleep, and avoid a heavy meal or caffeine-loaded drinks (coffee, tea, etc) before going to bed. Let your mind have a good rest so that it can stay sharp the next day.

#2 – Have A Good Meal before the Exam

Start your day right with a good meal (not a heavy meal)! By giving your brain the necessary nutrients, you give it fuel to perform at its best during exams, recalling the important concepts and points you've already revised previously and analyzing the questions right.

Good choices include foods containing slow-release carbohydrates and high protein, like whole grain bread, milk, eggs. Skip the high GI foods (e.g. white bread, white rice) to avoid the post-meal drowsiness!

#3 – Arrive at the Exam Hall earlier

Don't aim to be just punctual; be early. About 30 minutes before the exam start time is about right. This gives you time to settle down and prepare your mind for the upcoming start. Rushing for something just before the paper only gives you unnecessary stress. When you are more relaxed, you can perform better!

#4 – Clear your Mind just before the exam

For the last 10 to 15 minutes before entering the exam hall, try to relax your minds. Many students like to do last-minute revision right up to the last minute, but any unanswered doubts that suddenly pop out can add on to anxiety! So ditch the notes. Instead, take deep breaths and try to clear the mind. You need it sharp for the upcoming paper.

These tips not only help for exams, you can use them to prepare for other challenges, like going for interviews and presentations.

(Review our strategies for revision & how to plan revision schedules too!)

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