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Brain Food for Students: Helping Them to Stay Sharp In School and Studies

Brain Is Just Like A Muscle To us, studying for a subject is just like any other forms of skills training such as sports training, learning musical instruments, etc. All these skills require regular practices and training so that the body gets adapted to the increasing intensity and builds up stamina for longer duration of […]

Interview with a Full-Time tutor – Thoughts and Advice to improve results

What are some of the biggest problems/challenges that students in Singapore face today? The curriculum is very packed. As there are quite a number of disruptions to the normal curriculum time due to a number of reasons, many teachers need to either rush the syllabus or they have to arrange extra classes to make up […]

Are Students Today Learning More or Less?

Learning is essential to our survival and development and thus we always seek to improve and educate ourselves better. With the advent of technology and our globalised world amongst other factors, one would think that students today learn more than their predecessors but one should also take into account that learning is not entirely about […]

Tuition Agency & its relevance in Singapore

In our society, a very common way to identify success and whether a child has the potential to be successful to to look at his or her academic results. More often than not, one would hear parents talking about their children’s progress in school, especially after a major term test or semestral exam. Students being […]

Singapore, a Tuition Nation

Dubbed as the “Tuition Nation”, Singapore breeds and perpetuates a robust tuition industry. It is common knowledge that Singapore, as a qualification-conscious country, places a heavy emphasis on the importance of education. However, not every student can perform up to the demanding elite standards that are desired. Inevitable as that is, the call for a […]

Tuition Centre or Tuition Agency – Which is Better?

At popular sushi joints, customers are allowed to choose the various ingredients that go into their sushi rolls and thus the price they pay. In contrast, at supermarkets, customers pick up pre-made sushi rolls that already have a price attached. Similarly, Tuition Agencies offer parents the flexibility to decide what they want for their child […]

Is Private Tuition Important?

With Singapore so well known as a ‘tuition nation’, perhaps the obvious answer would be that Private tuition is indeed vital. Undeniably, Private Tuition can be of immense help to a struggling student, however one must not fail to consider that as in all things, Private Tuition too has it’s downsides, crippling a child, becoming […]

Private Tuition: Boon or Bane?

In a country that places extensive emphasis on the education system such as Singapore, students battling the current of meritocracy will nevertheless find the overwhelming need to excel. The “one size fits all” education system places a rigorous practice on students and it would naturally be fallacious to say that every single student could adhere […]

Changes in MOE Mathematics Syllabus

Since 2013, changes have been implemented in the MOE syllabuses for Primary Mathematics, O & N(A) Level Mathematics, N(T) Level Mathematics and O & N(A) Level Additional Mathematics. Check out the MOE website for the latest Mathematics syllabus.