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Tips to do well in English – Improving Your Writing Skills

Student often face obstacles in writing – meeting the word count, writing more content & being more expressive. These obstacles are actually the same as all of them require students to have better writing skills. In this section, we shall look at how students can improve their writing skills and thus perform better in compositions.

#1 – Read widely

Regardless of which type of essay students are tackling, content is always the core part of the essay. Be it narrative, argumentative or descriptive essays, having a good content will give the essay strength and basis for good marks. By reading widely, students can gain a wide range of information that can help them improve their contents in the following ways:

  • Reading more news can allow students to understand current affairs and gain insight on these situations. This can allow students to present their opinions with more convincing information
  • Reading more fiction can inspire students to have different ways to describe scenery, emotions and actions. This can improve both narrative and descriptive essays.

#2 – Practise writing

Reading widely alone is not enough to improve writing skills; the ability to let words flow out on to paper smoothly and quickly comes with practice. Start by writing a short paragraph every day. It can be on anything – what happened during the day, a story that you heard, etc. Do not be afraid to write, even though your grammar and vocabulary may not be good. This is a practice to let you transfer your thoughts on to paper. As time goes by, you will find that words can come out from your mind quicker and together with improved grammar and vocabulary (please refer to our tips to improve Grammar and Vocabulary), you will have improved your writing skills greatly.

#3 – Engage a tutor to help

Getting a good tutor is important to improve your writing skills as he/she is able to explore different ways of writing with you. Moreover, the tutor can identify your weaknesses in your writing. Hence, he/she can work out a plan to improve on the key areas and allow you to practise in a systematic way to improve your writing. Start Tuition has a pool of dedicated tutors to help improve your writing skills. Check out our tutors here!  

With these tips, students improve their writing skills to write more efficiently and thus score better!

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