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Tips to do well in Primary Science – Making Science Interesting

Many students may find Science difficult to learn – there are so many things to learn, ranging from plants and animals to forces and magnetism. Furthermore, each topic has quite a number of things to memorise, especially topics like seed dispersal and plant and animal systems. Students have to know different types of plants and animals and their parts. This can be quite daunting for some, more so if they find the topics boring. Here are some tips to make science more interesting

#1 – Using interactive media & real-life examples

Truth to be told, learning Science from textbook alone can be monotonous and uninspiring. Instead, we can enrich the learning experience through these interactive media & real-life examples:

  • Educational videos/programs

YouTube channels like Peekapoo Kidz & Homeschool Pop provide entertaining yet educational Science videos about the human body, plant and animals as they use cute animation to illustrate Science topics. On the other hand, documentary channels like National Geographic give interesting insights about the planet and its flora and fauna.

  • Real-life examples

Nothing beats first-hand experience! Bring your children to parks, the zoo and other places of interest to let them feel, touch and learn about plants and animals. This requires careful planning and organisation by the parents, but the experience not only increases their interest for Science, but also beats rote learning hands down!

#2 – Learn together with your kids

Students will have more interest in the subject if they know that their parents are supportive and are willing to learn together with them. Start with a topic learnt in school and do a project together to learn more things about the topic beyond what the school has taught. Learn about the fun facts and in this way, children may be more inclined to think of Science being interesting.

#3 – Get a good tutor to help

A good Science tutor will make the science session fun and interesting, engaging the student in a journey to look at science in a fun, yet informative way. This can motivate a student to be more interested in Science and helps the student to learn more and understand the subject. As such, the student will be more confident in his/her work and thus be more active in learning Science. In this way, doing well for Science is no longer a problem! Check out our Science tutors here!

With these tips, students should be able to learn Science in a whole new way and do better in science!

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