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Date ID Requirements Status
16-Aug-19 A62148982NW Home tuition for Degree (Murdoch) BUS333 Derivative Securities & BUS356 Contemporary Financial Accounting at Blk 288 Yishun Ave 6, near Chong Fu Sec, bus 670, 811
Schedule: Once a week, 1.5hr
Rate: $45-50/hr or pls quote
Open & Available.
Apply here.
05-Aug-19 A52136468CD Home tuition for JC 1 (MI) H2 Accounting, H2 Management at Blk 267 Bishan Street 24, bus 13 52 54 88 162 410
❗ Urgent
Schedule: Once a week, 2hrs
Rate: pls quote
Open & Available.
Apply here.