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🌏 Request on Website 24/7
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Looking for experienced 1-to-1 tuition teachers?

Private 1-to-1 tuition is effective for:

  • students who cannot focus in a big group,
  • students who are too shy to ask questions in a class,
  • students who need the full attention of their tutors,
  • students with specific weak areas to improve upon

Should I get a tutor for my child?

There are pros and cons to sending a child for private tuition. In most cases, if your child is not benefitting from self-learning or group classes, 1-to-1 classes have clear benefits once you manage to get a tutor with a compatible teaching style, experience and temperament.

See this article "Should I get a Private Tutor for my child?" if you can't decide

Start Tuition sources from more than 14000 teachers, ex-teachers, full-time tutors, undergraduate tutors to find someone who suits your requirements and budget. No obligations.

Find your ideal home tutor from Start Tuition today!

[MOE Guidelines on COVID-19 & Tuition in Phase 1 Safe Reopening]
Face-to-face Tuition not allowed
Online Tuition 💻 can continue
We can arrange for tutors to conduct online classes for both short-term and long-term.
Face-to-face physical tuition can be arranged to start after Phase 1 and when it's allowed.
Feel free to approach us on questions relating to online classes, how they're conducted, charges, etc.
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Parents' Testimonials

1-to-1 home tuition: Rated 4.38 by 1000 parents.
The tutor is really good. I feel that she has a passion for teaching and wants to help my son. The agent Jace is always very prompt and assisted me in every way and to the best of her abilities whenever I needed assistance. I appreciate both of them. Thank you.
Mdm Zunaida
Tuition for K2, English Reading & Writing
Reviewed on 4-Jun-20
Mr Edmund is a good tutor. he is able to answer her questions.
Tuition for JC2, H2 Physics
Reviewed on 4-Jun-20
We are happy with Vivian so far. My girl has been lapse in her Chinese, Vivian pushed her to do more and learn harder Chinese words. So I am hopeful that my girl can improve in Chinese. So far we are happy.
Ivy Lai
Tuition for Sec 3E, Chinese
Reviewed on 28-May-20
She is very much better than the previous... My girl appreciated her and likes her teaching. My girl told me tat she has no FEAR towards this new teacher. She is very patience and very clear on her explanation to my girl. My girl understands well
Tuition for Pri 2, English & Maths
Reviewed on 27-May-20
Teacher Caryn is patient and developed a good rapport with my daughter. She gave lots of examples to practice on and she even moved on the topic ahead of my daughter's school lessons. We have a good experience with Teacher Caryn. Thanks Start Tuition for recommending her to us.
Tuition for Pri 6, Maths
Reviewed on 12-May-20
Ms. Siti has managed to engage and spark the tutee's interest despite having lessons virtually due to the Covid outbreak.
John Thomas
Tuition for Sec 1NA, Malay
Reviewed on 12-May-20
So far tutor marfua was good and helped to improve my child ideas, sentences and language on his subject.
Tuition for Pri 5, Malay
Reviewed on 12-May-20
He’s great, thank you so much for finding him!! He’s been such of great help
Presheeta Rai
Tuition for Polytechnic, Game Development using Unity app
Reviewed on 11-May-20
Student enjoyed the lesson, she is very encouraging, she made the subject interesting
Angie Lim
Tuition for Sec 4E, Pure Literature
Reviewed on 30-Apr-20
We really likes Michelle. So we will continue with her teaching
Ms Hu
Tuition for IB DP, HL History
Reviewed on 23-Apr-20

Engaging Maths – even with dyslexia or learning difficulties

Mr Kelvin Goh specializes in Primary & Secondary Maths and has tutored a variety of students, including graduating N/O Level students and students with learning difficulties or special needs.

Here, he shares some of his experiences and tips with us in coaching students with dyslexia & mild autism.

Maths Olympiad – it’s How you think, not What you do

How do you teach the skills needs for students to excel in Maths Olympiad competitions? Mr Timothy has been training such students in competitions (RIPMWC, APMOPS, and NMOS) for over a year now. Find out more about Mr Timothy, as he shares his approach in honing students’ critical thinking skills here!

Imparting Phonics through games & stories – Mdm Lilo & her teaching approach

Are you familiar with Phonics? Many of us were not formally taught in this area while growing up, but the principles it teaches are essential in helping children develop their reading abilities and in turn speed up their learning of the language.

Mdm Lilo has gotten stellar reviews from other parents for her Phonics classes and we’re curious – how does she do it?

Tips to do well in English – Improving Your Writing Skills

Student often face obstacles in writing – meeting the word count, writing more content & being more expressive. These obstacles are actually the same as all of them require students to have better writing skills. In this section, we shall look at how students can improve their writing skills and thus perform better in compositions. […]

Tips to do well in English – Improving Your Grammar

To many students, the two main ‘culprits’ that are stopping them from doing well in English are vocabulary and grammar. This is especially true for grammar, as it is the one that consistently causes loss of marks in both situational/continuous writing and comprehension. As with vocabulary, improving grammar needs time and effort, but the rewards […]

Tips to do well in English – Building Up Your Vocabulary

Many students face an age-old problem – limited vocabulary. They usually tend to express their opinions, descriptions and emotions using the same words over and over again. This results in a rather bland essay and expressions are often restricted to simple and monotonous phrases. Thus, it is important to build up your vocabulary. It may […]

See more here

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